Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This year has been ooc, it came fast and is now leaving even faster.. and I'm left feeling unaccomplished! I feel like I haven't done anything this year! It's been one thing after another, from good to bad, from bad to worst.. etc etc. Needless to say by the way things have been going I've been unmotivated about, pretty much, everything. Well that has to change and I need to get all these thoughts x ideas outta my head and into action! I was inspired by Jayka's post the other day, LIST! So I've decided, a great way to keep me focused and motivated, WEEKLY, i WILL DO LIST. I will follow up with post at the end of the week, sharing what I was able to accomplish! I think this is baby steps in the right direction... so this week I will..

GET ORGANIZED! I can't function without organization and lately I've been so scattered brained and so has my office, home, car x life !

THE 26 LIST! I've had this idea x plan since before my birthday.. Time to post and put into action!!

WORK OUT!! I've been off and on with working out this summer "/ NOT THE PLAN! This week I want to get back on track with working at LEAST once a day!

ME TIME. Sadly, I can't remember the last time I did something nice for myself.. I'm so busy treating others good that I forget about me, the most important person! I have some how forgotten that, if I don't don't me well, I can't do anyone any better!

BUDGET. UGH! I despise $$$. Don't get me wrong I work hard for it just like the next guy but I wish it didn't control so much of my life. One of the major things I've been avoiding is making a budget for myself and little family. I don't anticipate on completely it this this but I want to at least get started and motivated to do so!

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Anonymous said...

I'm anxious to know what the 26 list is!!! details?

I also need to have to do lists or I'll go wrong in the day!

love, keys said...

this is exactly what i need to do! especially budgeting out money ugh!

Jessy Taylor said...

awesomeness! i so love lists and i am so glad you to see you back!!!

and girrrrrl the whole budget thing sucks at first, but it gives you so much power once you get a hold of what is really going on with your money. i was just working on this tonight.

love you la!

Miss C i n d i a * said...

Thank you. Your entry reminded me, you know what? Instead of waiting for others to treat me to a special treat for my bday, Imma do it for my DAMN SELF! Imma either go to a spa for the day, OR send my self on a shopping spree. Gracias amiga :) Oh! And I think you've accomplished a lot emotionally!

Anonymous said...

I just started getting into the habit of working out! I feel so much better after so hopefully I stick with it! I even invested in a good pair of running shoes (just an excuse to shop...) & me time is so important!!! I know you'll accomplish everything on your weekly list :)

Lisa said...

i was wondering why i havent seen your blog :( for some reason i had to delete following you and readd you... YAY NOW I SEEEEEEE YOU! MISSED YOU!

Just Daisy said...

Girl I will be working out with you! I need to get super organized before the semester begins and pamper myself lovely :P