Sunday, August 21, 2011

It came and went. I turned 26 this year in July and I'm still in stock of how time flies by. A bit scary actually. Anyway I got to thinking, about how I'm not exactly in the place that I wish/low key should be at, at 26. At first I began to get down on myself which turned into feeling sorry for myself which transformed into completely sadness. Well life is to short for all that and reality is, NOTHING EVER GOES AS PLANNED. Get Over it! At least that's what I'm telling myself now. Which lead to The twenty-six List, the 26 list is a list of 26 acts I want to engage in before my 27th birthday! I think this will help me A LOT in getting moving on stuff I really want to do but continue to drag my feet about. It's important that we can growing, learning, and changing. If we aren't moving, we aren't growing and stagnant is BAD NEWS! Please wish me luck as I try to cure myself of procrastination!

1. School. Ok it's time, I've BEEN talking, writing, and thinking about it, now it's time to break, STOP PROCRASTINATING, making excuses && just do it!
2. Passport. I'm 26, there is NO REASON why I shouldn't have one by now.
4. Air-Plane. It's becoming a little ridiculous at this point, my ass NEEDS to see the sky.
5. Camera. For once just buy something I really want, F a price tag!
6. Make a BUDGET and KEEP to it! I talked about this in a previous post, I need a budget in my life like a year ago!
7. SPIN! Take/Try a spinning class.
8. Learn a new trade.
9. GET IN TOP NOTCH SHAPE! -- contemplating a short-term trainer to start off with.
10. Decide on my next job!
11. Learn to say "No."
12. Stop Procrastinating!
13. Find Something of my Own.
14. Run/Walk for a cause.
15. HIKE!
16. Take a photo/art class.
17. Take a REAL vacation.
18. Master VEGANISM.
19. Do something with my talents!!!!!!!
20. Join a team. (I have much thoughts about this, will have follow-up post!)
21. BOOK! BOOK! BOOK! I'm not getting any younger and those who really know me, know that one of my life goals is to write a book, I have a total of about 5 possible directions, I'm 26 it's time to CHOOSE and START my book.
22. TRY SOMETHING NEW! -sounds simple but sometimes can be very hard to step out the box.
23. Be more social. -- I'll never be that social butterfly but for the sake of my 'head' and my relationship, I need to work on my social skills. -___-
24. Attend 'Spoken Words' nights
26. Feel, Live, and Be better!

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Chymere said...

good list!!! I know how you 22 I had the same rollercoaster of emotions going on. Mid life crisis already lol! I had to cheer myself up to and one of the ways was to make a goal list. Keep going and keep pushing forward! You are forever young!


Lisa said...

i love love this post... i should do that after my next birthday before my 25th...

-Get your passport girl!!!
-Let me know where you travel to, i fly for free so i would love to meet you in another city and explore!!!!!!
-Spinning... soo much fun and hard, but you will sweat your ass off.
Good luck on your journy!!!

Anonymous said...

The 26 list is pretty amazing! I also want to make one as well. I love how determined you seem, I hope all your desires come true :)

AnieLii said...

21. My all time favorite:) :) and 16. I love your list. I have one to but it's a Books I must read before 21.

Adina Renée. said...

I LOVE the set up of your blog, love. <3

Dr. Reginia said...

Fab list...lists keep me focused AND happy belated birthday.

Jessy Taylor said...

I am in l-o-v-e, LOVE, with this list! Sounds like lots of fun stuff, and important stuff too.

Just Daisy said...

Happy belated birthday and what a great post.

This list is a clever idea. I think I will do one much similar for my 21st birthday (I know what a baby I am lol)!

I will be trying a spinning class this fall as I too am learning how to get in shape!


BANG: FWB said...

Love your blog and this post! =]

Linda Pochinda said...

good luck with the list sweetie! I'm sure you can do it!
I think it's some very productive goals you have set up! I can't wait to see the result of the the passport use ;)