Friday, August 12, 2011

FINALLY! Aug 12th is here, the night my fellow and I have been waiting for! Tonight Cam will be opening for Dom Kennedy and Overdoz at The Glass House in Pomona. We have so much build up behind this and finally all my love's hard work will be seen and H E A R D . I have seen him preform before BUT he wasn't mine then (h u g e crush factor) but he wasn't mine lol needless to say I can hardly contain myself and my excited to get this night started. Seeing him on stage doing what HE LOVE and was MADE to do, is what this life is about, that smile, tells it all and I can't wait to see it! I'm sure I'll have tons of photos and video! I'm also a H U G E Dom and Overdoz fan and I'm super hyped to see and meet them. It's also my brother's (Cam's younger brother) birthday and we plan to Get Desssssted Out! lmao (only overdoz listeners will get that) Anyhow preparing for a night out is pretty intense, I realized last night I haven't done this in a while, I'm usually home, with him hanging out, or the movies.. nothing that calls upon much thought when it comes to "what should I wear"... I spent last night and this morning trying to figure it out lol smh now I remember why I don't go out anymore lol Needless to say I'm all about the comfort x cuteness ,, I think I got it down, I shall post outfit pics later as well! Away from the music side, I'm wayyy to excited about seeing my girls tonight, my original blog sister will be out supporting, my Rissa, whom I haven't seen since the last time I seen Cam preform...CRAZY, I know, years have past and our lives have changed soo much but we have remained tight, actually tighter and I can NOT WAIT to see my girl & live up the night. Now for those OG BLOGGERS you may remember these two Tasteless Ladies, Kia and NikkiFace from Tasteless Diamonds These ladies and I have been blog x twitter x tumblr x facebook friends for a long while and we will FINALLY UNIT face to face and take over the GLASS HOUSE tonight! lol I love these ladies to death and I'm more then blessed to have them coming out to support and show love! Do I need to say it... I'm about to have soo much FUN! LOL! I hope you all have a wonderful and eventful weekend, enjoy the sun!! I know I will be making the most out of this weekend because after this, SCRIPPS owns my ass, I'll be working 7days back to back for a little's back!! Love you all.

Online tickets: HERE
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Anonymous said...

How exciting!!! I wished I lived in Cali so I could go because his music is pretty cool! let me know how it goes :D

Jessy Taylor said...

i am sure you guys had a great time! tell cam he has to do a norcal show so that we can go too

Dr. Reginia said...

The west and east coasts have so many great artists which means fabulous live shoes. If I were in your area, I would be there. Wishing you guys the best!