Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Ten Secrets

Ten Day YOU Challenge: Day Ten.
Final day of the ten day challenge, I fell a little behind on the last two post but heyyy, I'm getting it done! ;) So ten secrets huh... well if I told the whole internet they would be secrets anymore, would they..!!? I'll do my best..

#1 I'm emotionally slutty.

#2 I need to seek anger management.

#3 I get attached easily and bored even faster.

#4 I've never lived for me.

#5 I hold grudges.

#6 I've ended all my relationships.

#7 I'm wanted in several states. (bill collectors)

#8 I'm easily distracted.

#9 I spent years wishing I was someone else.

#10 I'm scared to death of karma.

7 love notes:

Anonymous said...

wow. i feel like you and i should link up! I'm #'s 1, 2, 3, & 9!

#7... when i read it i thought you were wanted by the law! i was like NO! not lala. Lol. thanks for clarifying by the little side-note ;)

Adina Renée. said...

I love your the new layout. <3

Linda Pochinda said...

scared of karma? me too! oh god.

Anonymous said...

NUMBER 3 is so me its not even funny. :/ I couldn't have come up with a better explanation than that LOL

Lisa said...

i love the new layout! and sorry i been trying to post comments but it wasnt working for a while... lol now it does YES!

Jennifer Whitmore said...

Love this challange! I'm doing a 30 Day one at the moment, let's hope I finish it like you have.

BANG: FWB said...

love this post. =] emotionally slutty -- LOVE that! Oh em.

Kimberly, FWB