Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Six Places

Ten Day YOU Challenge: Day Six.
Quite honestly I don't get out often enough.. and sadly I still haven't been on that plane yet.. anyhow I will share 6 places I would love to visit.

-New Orleans

Gotta get that passport and catch that plane, real soon...

6 love notes:

Jenny☮ said...

You would love Italy and NYC. They are two of my favorite places ever! As for Brazil... Me, too.

Anonymous said...

You will love NYC, and i also want to visit Canada, and Jamaica!

Anonymous said...

ITALY is my NUMBER ONE PLACE! well, besides california :)

Jessy Taylor said...

Doesn't just the thought of getting your passport excite you! I totally have been wanting to take a drive up to Portland, then hit Seattle, and make it up to Canada. A few of my cousins did it last fall, and I would like to get it done within the next 12 months. You should join... ROAD TRIP!

amyschmamey said...

You know. I don't get out much either. I love this picture... and if I could visit anywhere, I would want to visit England and Italy. :) You have a nice list of lovely places. I have been to NYC once and while it was very dirty I loved every minute of it.

Linda Pochinda said...

never been any of the places... unfortunet. take me with you if you decide to go! ;)

missed your blogging!!!!!!