Friday, June 03, 2011

Eight Fears

Ten Day YOU Challenge: Day Eight.
The irony of today's post is that I was scared shitless last night in my bed, I truly felt like someone or something was in there with me and not a good energy at all! When I called fellow this morning he mentioned it and I said, "you know I'm not scared of much but I was so scared!!" With that said here is my list of fears!

- failing as a mother.
- losing him.
- my emotions.
- not being good enough.
- genetics.
- losing myself.
- regret.
- never finishing what I started.

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Linda Pochinda said...

felt like something was there? eek. don't say that, i truly believe in those things. darkness and mad ghosts are like the two things on top of my fear list....
but hey lala. I don't know any woman as strong as you, so I'm sure you'll do fine fighting those fears of yours (:

ps. thank you for the sweetest comment that have ever been posted on my blog. and I simply just use the free program photoscape and paint xD It's not that magical haha. thanks again ♥

Call Me Alisha ッ said...

you are a very strong woman that has time to over some all these fears that you and I have. I think those are not really fears but they are "set backs" r.. Am i am sure that you will get past all of them.. on that same note i guess we have the same set backs/ fears alike .. but the one of losing him are the

I am sure that it will work out and everything is great..

all I do it take it ONE DAY AT A TIME..!


I changed my blog from "Love.Eat.Prey to CallMEBright"

love, keys said...

<3. you're fear's will never become somethign you have to face just because i knwo how much of an amazing person you are & you will NOT allow ti to happy. <3 ILY.

Anonymous said...

You and i both are scared of the same things, and i agree with Keys!

Anonymous said...

Keys pretty much said it perfectly. <3