Saturday, May 28, 2011

Two Songs

Ten Day YOU Challenge: Day Two.
One of the many great things that has happened to me these last couple of months is G.O.O.D MUSIC. My ears have literally been in a state of utter musically bliss! I was excited about this post and getting the window to share some really great music with all of you! Hope you enjoy it!
Meet Frank Ocean the newest and one the best things I've had in my ear constantly. Please if you haven't downloaded his mixtape, nostalgia/ultra do so ASAP, do yourself, your soul, and ears a favor!! Here are two on my favorite songs currently on repeat!

Pyrite (Fool's Gold) is not on his mixtape but this song is so beautiful and it's one of my very favorites. I feel like it holds so much meaning and I can feel the emotion coming from his lyrics.. I love listening to Frank Ocean with my fellow, this is most definitely one of both our faves. "I know the difference between what you say and how you feel.."

The things that happen when a true lovers falls in love...This song speaks so much of my life right now..the lyrics drip of lovely dovey-ness BUT not just that a lot of truth..the type of love that can only be ruled with your heart!

"If my job was only to love you there’d be recession, aint no stressin, there’d be no pressure, cause it pays way better." -J.O.B.

I hope you enjoyed these two songs as much as I do, want more? Find, @frank_ocean on twitter!

Hope everyone is having a good long weekend!

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Never heard of Frank Ocean. I'll definitely listen in on him!

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