Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Five Foods

Ten Day YOU Challenge: Day Five.
This should be fun, being that I LOVE food! lol Yes I am still VEGAN and doing my best to stay and be healthy in my eating habits but a girl gotta have her sweets!! I will share with you FIVE of my favorite "feel good foods" NOT necessarily meaning, good FOR you.. lol.
1. Pasta and Wine.
2. Avocado with anything or alone.
3. Tofu scramble.
4. Oreo's n Peanut Butter.
5. A juicy Veggie Burger.

6 love notes:

Anonymous said...

can i say YUM!? everything looks delicious, especially 1 and 2. i love avocados!!!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmm food is my addiction! avocados are the best & I love oreos and peanut butter!!

Jessy Taylor said...

Love them ALL especially the avocado & MOSCATO is so darn yummy!!!! I can't wait to have some once I am no longer breastfeeding.

amyschmamey said...

mmmmm. All that food looks great. I love a good Moscato wine. I miss having an alcoholic beverage every now and then.

i-zilla said...

yummm! i'll take the oreos w/ peanut butter and the veggie burger with fries please!

Miss Esspi ♡ said...

Yum, I love veggie vurgers. Ugh, they're so delicious ♥ I am a vegetarian, I couldn't be a vegan for long it was too hard for me but congrats to you.