Tuesday, February 01, 2011

You were always on my mind...

In this case, out of sight wasn't out of mind, I thought about you (blog) and friends everyday of my absence! I hope most of you have my Tumblr address because I have been present there.. but I was saving all my love & words just for you, blogger. I can't believe I went just about the entire month without a posting, someone slap me! ;) I guess it's true, time flys when you are having fun! But also just been super busy with work and real life projects.. I've been a terrible blogger & friend! (BOOOO!!) Please don't hate me, I haven't abandon ship and I promise from here on, I'll be better, even if it is just a post a week, I MISS IT and ALL OF YOU.. I was talking about it so much and I even had the thought, "it's hard to write, blog when you are TRULY HAPPY.." lol I guess now I know what MJB is going through lmao!! My January was packed with love, happiness, and good people. Although I was super sick for almost 2 and a half weeks and worked two weeks straight, I have to say, it was an AMAZING and one of the best January's I've had thus far in my life. When you are at peace with the world and the people in it, life truly comes alive before your eyes! I will spend the next couple of days trying to play catch up with you all in hopes that you don't hate me too much ;) My camera has been dead since new years so as you can imagine I've been a little (not so myself) without the flash but I've been making use of my phone camera, here is a little inside of my January 2011.

‟If there is anything my life has taught me thus far is that fate leads you to decisions, situations and experiences for a reason, and surely all will be well and as it should be!„

3 love notes:

love, keys said...

i'm so happy seeing you so happy! I LOVE IT. even i times of doubt you still manage to pull out smiling and being the best you can be. <3 the pictures and YOU moaaaar!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your enjoying your time! life is happening before your eyes and your taking advantage, which is a wonderful thing!

LOVE the photos, and glad your back :)

Anonymous said...

I'm soo soo sooo happy for you!!! What a great way to start the new year...a new season of blessings! Hopefully you keep this momentum up throughout the year because i can say from personal experience that it is truly an inspiration.

When you are at peace with the world and the people in it, life truly comes alive before your eyes!<<<< love that line!