Friday, December 03, 2010

the Coldest winter

 So I woke up and it was December.. how did that happen..? Another month has come so quickly, it's amazing how this year is quickly coming to an end and with great cause at that. Without going into great detail let's just say that November wasn't AT ALL what I was aiming it to be, BUT I survived, I'm here, I'm breathing, and still very much fighting -- for love, happiness, and all that jazz. As I watch my own "life" crumble before my eyes and realized how many others had it worst then me last month, several of my close friends Lost someone they loved, people lost homes, jobs, pets, and yet the beat goes on. I know when it's raining, pouring even it's hard to see passed the smog but we must try, cause if we don't we end up soaking wet with a cold. ;) I'm sure now I'm just rambling.. sorry. Just want to get my point across that If you think you have it bad, best believe there is someone out there who is having a harder time then you... Some love each other, be kind, smile, and remember everyone is fighting there own battles! I personally have been slaying demons since October (they haven't let up just yet) but I've been lucky enough, blessed rather to have some OUTSTANDING people in my life and on my team that are constantly fight and cheering for me, they wont let me give up or in.. for them I will be forever grateful. They remind me that just because one part of your life falls apart NOT to forget that there is still so much good still standing. Life has it's way of kicking you straight in the balls lol but at the end of the you can choose to fall over in pain or suck it up, take the lesson and keep it moving. I refused to let December be a bad month, it's off to a total ROCKY start BUT I know I can pull a 180 and turn it around. I'm determined to. Starting off right with my handy dandy, GOAL/TO DO LIST followed by a couple of projects to keep my head in the right places inspired by KEYS and JAYKA I want to end this year on a good note, although a huge part of me wants 2010 to END and start fresh in 2011 but lets be real, EVERYDAY counts and maybe we/I wont make it till Jan 2011, so it's important to make changes now, feel better now, and be happy now, no time to waste. It's always a little colder when your feeling blue... and sometimes all the hot chocolate in the world can't warm your body like a person can BUTTT we will make the most of what we got cause what we got is all we have and it's just enough if you ask me! Love you guys and I'm happy to me back!!
December Goals
*Live, Love, Laugh
*Embrace the Holiday Season
*Buy Christmas Tree
*Decorate Home
*Finish Xmas Shopping
*Send out Xmas Cards
*Take Ex & Nyla to see Santa
*Complete Projects
*Finish 365
*Start a New..

3 love notes:

AnieLii said...

My love your back :) It's nice to hear from you :) hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Your December goals look great! this year did pass by really fast!

sheiswinterwest said...

I'm loving this post! i can't wait for 2010 to end i'm just so excited for great things to happen in 2011.