Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things I love Thursday

Home Edition
Aaron and I have been talking a lot about buying a house after we get married, and trying to get things to together to prepare for it. I told him how all I can think about lately is re-decorating our apartment, we just signed another year least in August, so yes will be stuck there another year but I really want to change it up but at the same time I want to save all my great ideas for my actual house :) keeping a lost rant short, here are some of the things I've fallen in love with this week...

1. I'm totally in love with these type of cake/cupcake/food stands, I'm actually going to "attempt" to make sure for the wedding, I love them, this particular store has some amazing one and I fell in love with just about all of them. I think If I had some of these in my home I would use them to their fullest use. lol (via)
2. PILLOWS! It's totally an obession of mine, I'm such a pillow lover and strangly I don't have any throw pillows currently in my home :( so as I mentioned I'm totally planning and creating a WHOLE new home and I totally need some ORIGINAL, unique pillows to fill my sofa and home. This shop has some real goodies. (via)
3. Letters! Ok so we totally talked about this before, I love letters and I love having them around my house, in my bedroom I currently have to sets of letter 'AW' and 'AA' I love these from this shop, there are super cute and I could sooo see them in my "new" home. (via)
4. Wall Wow! That's lightly putting it, this shop has some AMAZING wall art that I'm dying to try out, this one in particular is a fav I would love to have this in Ex's room, so precious! (via)
5. Frames! Vintage, Frames! I want to post these all over my "new" living room. Perfect!! (via)
6. I love the idea with showering with CUPCAKES! lol This amazing shop no only has 'vegan' friendly soap but it's also made up to look like some of my favorite foods! That is so amazing and NEED so of these for my bathroom forsure!! (via)
7. Sunflower Placemat or HotPad, do I even need to say more... SUNFLOWERS! These are super adorable and I love them! (via)
8. These are the cutest things I have EVER seen!! I scream you scream we all scram for ice cream, vegan of course lol (via)
9. Yes..more pillows .. I warned you.. but come on, these are some of the BEST and cuties pillows ever I just couldn't resist! They are so cute!! (via)
10. Things book holders are the cutest, I LOVE THEM!! Especially the owl! So precious.(via)
11. I simply love this hanging vintage banners, they just make me smile! (via)

what are you loving on this Windy, Thursday afternoon...

6 love notes:

AnieLii said...

Too cute :) especially number 4:) adorable.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so adorable! especially 2, 4, 5 and 8!!!

Anonymous said...

Loveee the cupcakes LOL! & those book holders are too adorable!

Ashley said...

sooo cute :) I love #5!

<3 Ash

Jayka! said...

i want it all! so cute

gor(jess). said...

Im so into all these things too lately, I guess cus I been buying things for my new apartment with the boo & baby ....I get so carried away. lol