Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankful, Thankful, Thankful

Sometimes when you feeling, really down, really low.. the BEST thing to do is count your blessings! I know it may sound odd and it may be even harder to write "nice" things down when your so unhappy, sad, worried, stressed, what have you.. But the reality is We Have SO MUCH MORE to be happy about then we think if you took a moment to think BEFORE we started to complain, bitch or wine, we would realizes things could be so much worst! We would see that our life is filled with blessing, every minute, every moment, every breath we take. My idea of starting a Weekly "Thankful For" post has not been very successful BUT I'm not giving up.. This month has been a tough one for me and now more then EVER I need to reflect on the positive, embrace the good and remember to be ever so grateful for what I do have.

This week I'm grateful for:
- "If distance were measured in terms of the heart we'd never be more than a minute apart." Miss you Love! -Jayka My amazing, supporting, loving friends.. I can't even imagine where I would be in life without them. I've been blessed with caring and empowering women and for that I'll be forever GRATEFUL! A million thank you ladies for keeping me focus and reminding me daily why life is good!

- "Since the day u were born you had four sisters that adore and love u with all
There hearts....a mother and father that fell I. Love the moment they saw you!!! And a world that was blessed with greatness because that is your destiny! I love u... sister!" -CeCe My sisters because without them I wouldn't be ME! I wouldn't know what life with NO JUDGMENT felt like. These amazing women never fail to guide me, love me, and nurse my wounds when needed. I love them and God truly blessed me with four of the best women on earth as sisters.

- "you are a beautiful strong woman with a bright future ahead of you. any hard times are just a hard lesson to make you THAT much better in the end" -Asia My inner strength. Not many people are so lucky to find out a VERY YOUNG age, "what they are made of", what they can conquer, endure, and KEEP going! I know the strength is within me, that I can move mountains, and that there is nothing that I can't do or overcome.. that I can say I'm a little MORE then just grateful, I'm in appreciation!!

- "You look nice Mom" -Ex ahhh *tears* Words will never be able to formulate the power of love I get and feel for my son, he is my ALL in ALL and I thank god for him EVERYDAY, he truly is the one thing I got right. And with all the uncertainty surrounding life it self, one thing remains true and certain, my son and motherhood. Beyond being grateful I'm blessed to have a child that is more then my son, he is my sun in the morning, the breath in my lungs, and my reason for living. He is the reason for my hustle and without him I'd just be me. So thankful I have my very own superhero.

- Life. When it comes down to it, I'm happy to be alive, despite the drama, heartbreak, unsureness, disappointments, and uncertainty of what the future will hold for me. I'll glad I'm living it instead of watching it for up in the sky. I think sometimes it's easy to get caught up in "this sucks" or "poor me" when in fact we should be thankful that we WOKE UP, that we are healthy and of able body, that we get ANOTHER DAY to try to make it right, fix it, or my favorite, start a new.

Be Thankful.

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AnieLii said...

Beautiful :) My love hope your doing good :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

beautiful post! i wish i could be as positive as you but when you have someone bringing you down all the time, it's impossible!

thanks for always putting a smile on my face :D

i am glad to have met you!

Jayka! said...

Oh mamaz, I love you so much lady, it's pretty unreasonable. I am so happy that at least for the moments it took to write this post that you felt a little bit of joy and hope for the upcoming days, months, years. Hugs!!!!!