Monday, November 08, 2010

Goodbye October...

Can someone PLEASE tell me where all the time is going... I feel like every time I blink another month has come and gone.. It's scary. But even more so pushes me to take everyday like it's my last and ENJOY it to the very fullest. I can't even begin to explain what October consisted of.. Tons of up and downs, emotions, life, and love, FOR SURE! But in saying that, it's totally an understatement!! October still remains to be one of my most favorite months but it's safe to say that this particular October wasn't my favorite! I would also like to take a moment to thank you ALL for all your support and positive energy. You guys are such a strong focus in my life and I appreciate the emails, comments, text messages checking on me. It means a great deal! After all is said and done, October was what it was and I made the most of it, Exavier had a wonderful birthday party and I had a fabulous time hosting it and making it happen! We we're able to make it out to the pumpkin patches on Halloween day (just in time to cross it off my to do list!) Ex went trick-or-treating and we I was able to keep up to date on posting and working out!
Here is a reminder of my October to do list:
+ Buy Wedding Dress
+ 5 day work-out sessions
+ 2-3 Blog Post a week
+ Put up Halloween Decorations
+ Pumpkin Patches
+ Costumes!
+ Book Wedding Location
+ Make Save-The-Dates!
+ Take LOTS of pictures
+ Party Time! Ex's B-day Party
+ Update 365, Keep it up to date {FAIL}
10 out of 11 isn't bad! Especially after knowing how busy and hectic the month was. I'm proud of myself and SOOOOO ready to kick of November, with Postive Thoughts, Energy, FUN, and LOVE!

Here is my To Do List, November:
Send Thank you Cards
Thanksgiving Plans
Trip to Soledad
New Car Battery
Bridesmaid Dresses
Book Music & Food
Start Christmas Shopping
Pick up Dress
Make Household Budget
DATE night!
Take Holiday Photo
Stress Free Month!

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Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Sounds great, I love making lists especially being able to cross things off. Congrats on the dress must have been so much fun looking for the right one.

Ashley said...

I missed you and reading your blogs! But I know you have been SUPER busy. It is so nice to cross things off of your to-do list. Trust me, Trav and I have been working our butts off trying to get the house painted in time for a friend to come in town. Now things won't be so hetic for us and we can finally enjoy it. :)What a cute picture of all 3 of you! I love it :)

<3 ash

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back again!
Man you sound busy...! Hope you manage to sneak some time to RELAX into November ;) xxx

Sairy said...

Inching a little closer to the big weeding day....I'm excited for you!
Love your blog,
Love your spirit,
Love U!!

Jayka! said...

we all missed you so much! i am glad you are feeling better and I love your new goal, one in particular!

Anonymous said...

time is always flying, especially this year! that's a great photo of the three of you. lots to do this month!

i can't wait to see the wedding photos ^_^

AnieLii said...

Time is really going so fast, so so fast. Nice to have you back:)

Anonymous said...

October really did come and go so fast! But it was a great month! I'm so proud of you for finishing basically everything on your October to do list! I think I may do a November to-do list!

i cant WAIT to see that HOLIDAY PHOTO!!! AHHHH!! <3