Monday, November 22, 2010

10 Things I learned this MORNING..

 I know I usually do, 10 Things I learned this Weekend but after the morning I've had i Need to share some of the valuable lessons I've learned this far, my morning start at 1am-2am, went back to sleep for 3 more hours, 5am until now, 9:10am. Can you even imagine so much being backed into at little bit of time... you'll be surprised, I sure was.

1. Love will find a way, even when there seems to be no way, yes even at 1am.. and if you let it, it will be worthwhile.

2. There could be 100's of red flags waving in your face and you could ignore each and every one of them until one slaps you right in the face and you don't have a choice but the pay attention and face the truth. Still you can accept or deny. Hopefully accept.

3. Life is so precious, we don't nearly appreciate it as much as we should.. Until it's too late. We only get one life and with that we should spend it with people we love and people who love us back. Be happy to be alive and give thanks for all we have for all we have is time and even that is running out!

4. If you continue to surround yourself with people who TAKE and never give back, soon you'll be used up and angry. Love in any type of relationship/friendship, is give and take, 50 -50.

5. If you dig for dirt, you'll find it. Be careful what you look for, you may just find it.

6. Actions speak louder then words! And sometimes people put way to many of there actions in words, online. Not a good idea. Proof is in the content.

7. Real love is IN YOUR FACE, not hiding before a text message, or anything other object. Love is worth telling the world about, never worth being a secret.

8. Your attitude in the morning determines your entire day! But it's never to late to turn a corner for the better!

9. Endings are usually sad but if you remember why it's ending, you'll usually find it's for the best.

10. Today is a gift, that's why it's called the Present, live in it and don't dwell on yesterday because well it's gone and tomorrow is something you can only hope for because it's never guaranteed, so make today the day that it's all worth it for!

9 love notes:

dc said...

Like your blog and your pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love your "things I've learnt" are so wise lady! xx

AnieLii said...

Very wise. i completely agree w/ you.

Anonymous said...

actions always speak louder than words! great post love!

also, did you get my email?

Jayka! said...

oh friend. ♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

"Love is worth telling the world about, never worth being a secret."

That one had to be my fav...because a person I spent my entire college career being serious about ran into this issue a lot...because he loved me but rarely said it to me and never talked about it...but I was being a drama queen. I'm not so crazy afterall = ) lol

I adore this list. I agree with every single one...down to the dot (.)

Linda Pochinda said...

I learn 10 new things just by reading your-this-kind-of-blogpost! I never really thought about that "Endings are usually sad but if you remember why it's ending, you'll usually find it's for the best". That's one of the best things I've heard in a while. so true. thanks for putting a smile and a little though into my head today. cause EVERYTHING is a mess right now! ♥

Ashley said...

I agree with all of these. I agree that if you dig for dirt, you will find it.

<3 Ash

sheiswinterwest said...

1-10 spoke volumes to me!!