Thursday, October 07, 2010

Things i {♥} Thursday

Decisions. I'm getting better at it. Let's face it I suck at making decisions and making up my mind. I absolutely despise it! BUT I'm getting better at it, for wedding planning sack. I'm learning that once I've made a decision, STOP LOOKING!! haha That's my only problem. Darn you internet, world of options.

Rain. Hello liquid sunshine I know most people despise the rain but I love it, it's like a car wash, it washes all the "dirt" away. This week we had some major down pours and all I wanted to do was get up from my desk (at work) and go play in the rain. Adult, professionalism is the only two things that got in my way. I hope there is more liquid sunshine to come.

October. This will forever and always remain to be one of my very favorite months. I love everything about it, the weather, the colors, Halloween, the birth of my son :), and that fact that I get 3 wonderful paydays in one month, now tell me what's NOT to love about that did I mention 5 Saturdays in this month as well. Hello Weekends were made for fun!!

Bed-time. All this week I have been a worth-less bum and have made it to bed before 10pm, now I say 10pm to make myself sounds a little.. lazy? I can count two nights I was out by 8:30... hahaha that's horrible!! I don't have a clue as to way I'm so tired and have NO energy, it's like the life has been sucked out of me. But can I just tell you... SLEEP is ALL it's cracked up to be. So much for sleeping when I'm dead.. call it an early start.

2-4-9. My Readers, Can I just say I have thee BEST readers in all the blogsphere!!! No Seriously I don't think you all realize how much you guys do for me and mean to me. When I open my gmail and see my comments or emails for you all I get butterflies!! Real Talk. You all make me so happy!!! You keep my grounded, humble, and ever so motivated! Thank you , Thank you , Thank you!! Thank you for reading, following, commenting, and supporting my blog. You all are amazing and on most days are the best part of my day! Love you Guys!

Now tell me what are you loving on this Thursday afternoon?

6 love notes:

sheiswinterwest said...

october is def. the best month! i'm loving this weather.

Anonymous said...

i am loving you and your posts!

wichser studio said...

today i had an interesting spiritual check kinda day and it reminded me of the movie lovely bones, which i will state i love today. i noticed it on your movie list! please watch it next ;D

Miss C i n d i a * said...

I enjoy your blog! And look fwd to reading it : )

Anonymous said...

I <3 YOU! October is a greaaat month! I love all of the months past October, November, and December HEHE all of the festive months! & I love that picture!

love, keys said...

girl you know i love the rain!
but i LOVE seeing you so happy even though sometime its stressful and running away sounds better! in the end the smile on your face makes it all worth while<3
AND i lover your back in motion with the posts ;)