Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thing {i love} Thursday

this has been the longest week ever.. ugh. That being said I will share a couple of things I'm loving this week. Happy Thursday.

1. Wake Up! John Legend's least album with The Roots can I just tell you that album is truly an AMAZING, uplifting, and inspiring. I listen to it all day at work and it just really puts me in the groove and make my mental really reflect and heart be humble. I love it, if you haven't heard it, you really should.
2. Hair My hair is in that awkward "growth" stage, where it's not really long and it's not really short.. which makes "brushing" it really annoying and difficult at times. But I'm totally loving trying NEW and fun hair creations and just letting it hang natural at moments.
3. Wear your Words. I'm like totally obsessed with jewelry with words, phase, quotes.. I think it's the best thing ever invented. I mean if you wanna know what type of person I am or what kinda mood I'm in.. Read my bracelet lmao and it's a nice alternative to having it tattoo on your forearm.. I'm just saying.
4. Toms eff said. I mean they are the greatest thing in the world. Stylish, simple, and comfy. I haven't broke down to buy a pair just yet, I mean anyone who knows me knows 50$ is wayyy beyond my budget for shoes...but I do LOVE them!
5. Boots! staying on the ground *slaps knee* ha ha ha :) My other obsession currently is Boots, partly why I love this weather is because it hit BOOT SEASON! I love boots, all colors, shapes, and heel sizes. They are so amazing and beautiful. Yes I'm still talking about Boots. :)
6. Pumpkins. One of my favorite things in the world is PUMPKINS and I'm so glad they are in season. I love all things pumpkin flavor. I love Pumpkin patches. I love Pumpkin carving. I love the smell of Pumpkins. I love Pumpkins lol

What are you loving on this Thursday afternoon?

6 love notes:

Kara said...

I too am loving long hair and TOMS! I just got my first pair for an early Christmas gift!

I'm trying to grow out my stupid hair and it's becoming frustrated. I think I need to invest in some better hair products!

Jayka! said...

oh my gosh my hair is so at that stage and its driving me crazy but i think imma try to go until the baby before i cut my hair again. i always chop it off at this point.

and pumpkins! i believe they translate to warmth and love in another language.

annnd i so want a pair of toms. i always go online and look at them, but i too am too cheap to buy a pair.

and come on... THE ROOTS and anyone would be a freaking incredible album, but now with mr. john legend... yeah, no further words are needed.

Anonymous said...

great post Lala :) love number three!

Anonymous said...

My BANGS are at that point! too long to wear as bangs but too short to blend in with my hair :/ haha & I WANT A PAIR OF TOMS so bad! I have a lot of shoes similar but I can't wait to get some!

AnieLii said...

lol, my hair is at the point to, it's overmy shoulders but not that long. I want TOMS too:)& I am also loving the song "Wake up" :)

Ashley said...

Aww thank you so much for the encouragement Elle! :) P90X is an extreme 90 day work out (and we're doing the diet too) that seems impossible (for right now anyways...) Haha. Anyways, I love following your blog. Pumpkins make fall so fall-y (yes I make up my own words). Plus, I like to see everyone decorate their pumpkins - esp. because some people are so creative when it comes to something small. I wish AZ had a pumpkin patch (well I haven't looked to know if there is one or not, but I'm doubting this!).

Have a beautiful weekend and keep the bog posts coming! :)

<3 ash