Monday, October 04, 2010


Don't Hate me!!! I know I've been blog M.I.A I'm sure many of you can imagine why... hello birthdays and wedding, oh my, no seriously OH MY!! It's like planning has taken of my life. My sister picked me up from the train the other night and said, "hey I'm having withdraws, have can I stalk you if you don't blog.." heehee it made me feel good and at the same time say, "oh nuts!!" I'm so behind!! After getting a few email checking on my blog pulse, I figured I better get in touch with my blog family before they send out a missing blogger's report :) I've missed you all ever so much!! UGH! I've can't believe I've fallen so behind on my readers and post! I miss reading about all my favorite bloggers!! I hope everyone is well and I hope you all don't hate me too much for living my blog(s) astray. I promise to be better...I'll Try! :) So I've been a busy little fiancé planning my little heart away trying to get things done, 4 months, 3 weeks, and 1 day to go! So you can only imagine the high gear I'm in. It's been fun a little stressful, ok A LOT stressful I'm getting better, after hooking up with a wedding coordinating (aka a friend/co-work, who's an Ex-Wedding Coordinator) my stress level has totally plummet and I'm loving it. She keeps me so on track and feeling confident about our wedding. Now here comes all the busy-ness, in the mist of trying to keep on track with wedding planning and I've also been planning Exavier's 4th birthday party. At the same time maintain, work, home, and a regular life... yea right. lol It's been hard guys and I'm sorry for lagging in the blog world. Blogger is such a form a therapy for me and after writing all of this down, no wonder I've been so dang crazy I haven't seen my DOCTOR (aka in way too long. :) That's will change. Now I have to tell you I don't think I'll be posting everyday like I use to, that's just pushing it but I will commit in my monthly goal to something, that's a promise! So let's start off with some really good news :)
September Goals!
a. Read one Book. JLH's The Day I Shot Cupid
B. a week Juice Fast.
c. Engagement Photos. (Click Here to see some)
D. Send out Exavier's Birthday Invites.
e. Car Insurance
F. Renew Tags
g. go to the Fair. (Click Here to see post)
h. start preparing for Ex's b-day party.
Isn't that just wonderful, busy or not I actually tackled ALL my goals for the month of September, that makes me so proud and happy. Aaron can tell you I worked hard to get things done this month, I kept telling him "I have deadline!!" lol Such a love, he even helped me finish Exavier's invites. With over-doing it (which I always do) I thought carefully about what I want/need to get done this month, already ever so on top of it!

October Goal:
o Buy Wedding Dress just got it on Sunday :)
o Back to 5 day work out sessions
o 2-3 Blog Post weekly
o Put up Halloween Decorations
o Pumpkin Patches
o Costumes!
o Book Wedding Location
o Start making Save-The-Dates!
o Take LOTS of pictures
o Party Time! Ex's Birthday Party

I love October it's surely one of my favorite Months and can't wait to start putting up decorations and putting together Aaron's and my costume! I hope everyone had a blessed and productive September. Tell me what you have planned for October and what I may have missed will I was out.... love you all dearly and it feel good to be back!

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Miss C i n d i a * said...

oh my goonah your wedding is RIGHT around the corner! How long have you been planning it for? You got your dress? Did you cry when you tried it on? I watch too much Say Yes To The Dress lol. Missed you! And YES watch it even if it's on Netflix (the movie)

Miss C i n d i a * said...
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AnieLii said...

Yay, you are back. I have missed you sooooo much :) But we can understand, Your weeding is so close!!! I am so happy for you. you got your dress, How exciting. :)

Amyschmamey said...

Woooh. You are a busy bee! Wedding planning can surely take a lot of your time away! Have fun! I LOVE OCTOBER TOO, it's my favorite.

Anonymous said...

MAN have I missed you!!! Even though I have been behind on posting myself, I still do my daily blog reads! LOL & I am so happy that you knocked out all of your September goals!! I can NOT wait to see pics of you in the dress!!!!!

& how I WISH to be living in your house whenever a holiday arrives. I can't wait to see what cute things you do for Halloween! <3 you!

sheiswinterwest said...

wedding is fastly approaching my dear!! i miss you!! & yay for purchasing your wedding dress!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post Lala. you just made my night (before i head to bed) so much better. thank you. i am so glad all your goals have gotten done and i can't wait to see your gown! sneak peek?

love, keys said...

<3 i miss you sugar!
my little busy bee just remember what i told you ;). your gonna be such a beautiful bride! and i LOVEEEEEE your goals! and so proud you reached all of last months!

JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

Omgosh, I feel so behind... -_- I didn't even know you were engaged, and skimming through your wedding blog, I see how much I have missed! Congratulations, LaLa!