Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello Autumn

Today is officially the first day of FALL, YAY!! I can't wait to start taking Ex to pumpkin patches, collecting leaves and of course FALL CRAFTS~~ :) I've already start creating Exavier's Birthday invites and I can't wait to send them out and start working on his grab bags and other fun goodies. I just love this time of year and I know for sure it's Ex's favorite too. Who doesn't love snuggle weather!!? In honor of FALL I wanted to share a fun, cute, and SMELL GOOD craft you can do with your kids (if you some some), nieces, nephews, kid down the street or just BY YOUR SELF for you home! Still fun and worth doing.

Fall Pomanders

Oranges and Cloves for Pomanders
Pomanders are incredibly easy to make – Using a wooden skewer to ‘pre-drill’ holes in the orange, (found any grocery store) well make it a whole lot easier!
Step 1 – Buy the most perfect round oranges you can find. Wash and remove the stickers.
Step 2 – Poke holes in the pattern of your choice with the wooden skewer – keep them slightly spread apart to leave room for the wide tops of the cloves.
Great fall themed picture ideas: jack o’ lantern faces, spiders, acorns, trees, witch hats, leaves, etc.
Insert cloves into the holes you made.
If you want to attach a ribbon to hang it, you’ll need to tie it around the entire orange. -Craft Jr

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Jenny☮ said...

Fall here is like summer everywhere else. I wish we had a better change of seasons.

AnieLii said...

Ah, How I love fall. :)

Anonymous said...

awe. thanks for this. i could try it with bee!

Jayka! said...

so cute! i love fall and winter crafts. THE BEST

Anonymous said...

What a cute craft!!

AnieLii said...

So I know I Friday was hug a vegetarian or vegan day!!! I thought of you an another friend. I'm a little late but HUG!!!! :) the animals love you. I'm still on my way to becoming a vegetarian myself. :)

Danielle @ Antiquated Treasures said...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned your blog in my post today! I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and was intrigued by the 30 days of Me challenge!!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh I love cloves and oranges. I used to do this with my mom when I was little and it has always been a fall tradition for me! Love your pictures!