Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 30 of Me

Your favorite song.
This is probably thee hardest question of this challenge lol I love music so much it's hard to think of ONE song as my favorite. I know the lyrics to over 100 songs (i Know that's crazy lol) but music is so much of who I am. How to choose...

since Aaron and I have been going over our favorite songs for our Dance at the wedding I will share one of my personal favorites, this song makes me cry every time. Listen to the words...

John Legend - I love you, Love

Hush my baby, Don't you cry.
I'll dry your eyes. Fulfill your heart's desire.
Let's go in. Try again.
Careful this time. Broken promises linger in our mind.
I'll give in completely. Hearts break so easy.
I know. Believe me. Oh, I've tried.
But my arms can hold you. My kiss console you.
I'll come and love you tonight.
And I...
I love, I love, I love
Love hurts sometimes
But this feels right.
You love, you love, you love
Though you've been burned
You still return.
Come and share my house, my home, and all I own.
I'd love to give to you.
Aren't you tired of going along this lonely road'
It takes it's toll on you.
Give me your emotion, your heart's devotion.
Give anything you like.
I Love You Love
And I'll give understanding. Life's so demanding.
I'm all you need to get by.
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6 love notes:

Anonymous said...

it is complete! great job! i like this song also. actually, a lot of songs from Legend :)

Miss.Fortune said...

im gonna listen to this song! if you like it i'm sure its a good song and if john legend is singing it..then i really wanna listen.

Anonymous said...

John Legend is amazing! This song is beautifullll

ps the word verification was : gyrxjkab
like, okay, you dont want me to be able to get it on the first try then LOL

sheiswinterwest said...

this song is beautiful! :)

RED Smile said...

This song is beautiful.I love how soothing his voice is.

Jayka! said...

oh my gosh dude i had the same problem when anthony and i were looking for a song. THIS ONE is beautiful, but the key is to pick a song that's lyrics mean the most to you, that really reps the both of you, and you will never regret it. come on now, when we picked the light we were like how are we going to dance to this, and oh my gosh he says a bad word, and other people arent going to understand it, but it was PERFECT for US.