Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

It's no secret, my love for John Legend! Well I'm super exciting about his up coming album, WAKE UP! with The Roots. This man is beyond amazing with a giving heart which makes me love him even more. I will get the chance to see him live again in October and I can't wait. So it's no surprise that today's wish list is John-o-mazing! :) I am a member of his fan club so I always get a peek of new things every week, right now he is running a contest to when a personal concert with him in New York, I'm thinking about joining... I'll let you know if I do. :) That would be amazing and a dream come true!! I'm excited for this album for a couple of reasons, the main being that REAL music is making a come back, this is FEEL GOOD MUSIC that most of my and the upcoming generations know NOTHING about unless they have a WONDERFUL person in there life that is sharing it with them. You don't find positive, uplifting music anyone, JOHN and THE ROOTS are bringing it back by revisiting songs such as "Little Ghetto Boy" by Donny Hathaway, "Wholy Holy" by Marvin Gaye and "Hard Times" by Baby Huey and the Babysitters. I'm telling you now this album is going to be out of control and for once WAKE YOU UP!! Just open your ears and listen, learn and take action.
I wanted to share a little taste of this wonderful CD (yes I already know it's gonna be wonderful) This song is so amazing, I LOVE it! The first single off John Legend & The Roots’ upcoming joint LP, Wake Up!, coming September 21st.

i also really want this fan tee!
GRAB IT HERE! for me :) only 12.95 lol

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Anonymous said...

John Legend is amazing! You better sign up and hopefully you get to go to NY and see him!! :)

Anonymous said...

he is amazing. i love his music also.