Thursday, August 26, 2010

thing I love Thursday

1. 2. 3.
4. 5.
1. One of my BBFF (Blog Best Friend Forever) is having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly, there is NOTHING, nothing better then that I'm so happy, excited, and pumped for her and her wonderful hubby. They are so gonna ROCK parent hood!! I Can't wait to be a Tia, again.

2. Speaking of Tia (Aunt), today is my smallest niece's birthday, she is turning 1 today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAYLA!! ♥

3. Sweet tokens of affection. It's the little notes and simple sweet gifts that bring me the most joy and widen my smile.

4. His sweet honey kisses. Over a year later and they still bring me to my knees.

5. LIFE. As crazy, busy, and hectic as it may be (at the moment) I LOVE IT! So worth living it.

3 love notes:

Anonymous said...

that little kid in the 1st photo is adorable!

AnieLii said...

#5 i totally agree with it.

Jayka! said...

oh my gosh lala i wish you were closer!!!! miss u guys