Friday, August 06, 2010

summer manifesto

Time is flying and we already in August! That means summer is coming to an end *tear* If you've been paying attention you would have notice I've been crossing things off my Summer to do list, slowly but surely. I thought I would take a moment to share some of things I've been thus far but I think I better kick it into high gear if I want to complete my list by the end of this month... You may remember my trip to see Jayka for her birthday well that and my recent trip to Vegas did double crossing off of a summer road trip and well as sleeping outdoors at Jayka's house for her birthday camping party.We've cooked outdoors, taken trips to the water park, made art/crafts OUTDOORS, and had water balloon fights. July was Aaron and my birthday month and we did it up big with tons of celebrating and family time. I took vacation (twice) and I've done plenty of sun bathing! We still have tickets to go to another water park so again we will have a double crosser lol we also have plans on going to the beach and riding bikes, so that will take two more off our list. This summer has been amazing so far and I'm sad to see it going so soon. The sun has been so good to me and my tan is really coming along lol. I've read three book of my summer list and have 7 to go, I better get on it, I've been lacking big time!!! I've been looking at other blogs "summer to do list" and I've seen some great things I hope I hope to have on list next year. I also hope and plan to be to better at posting these events as they happen lol I've been doing so much I realized today I haven't shared half of them on my blog. Like the day Exavier and I spent making crafts outside, during my vacation. We made butterflies and a sun! Ex loved it and it was a nice change from painting or doing indoor crafts INDOORS the sun was shining and it was nice to keep the mess outside too lol

This past weekend we also went to a water park for my girlfriend's son birthday party it was so much fun and Ex loved the water slid! It was sunny and hot and I loved it! Plus we can never have enough water play! :)
How is your summer going..?

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your summer's going awesome!