Saturday, August 07, 2010

Self-Esteem Saturday

{Pursuit to total health, happiness and wellness Post}

What a lovely day outside, what a perfect day to feel good about YOU, to get up get active and do something to make yourself feel good!! Sometimes it's just the little things that can jump start the feel good motions in your body, like painting your toes or shaving your legs! It's not secret I despise shaving UGH! but before I went to Vegas and to the water park I was DETERMINED to shave, so I did and you know what I felt so sexy and good after, that little thing made me feel ten feet tall, no kidding, what a boost of feel good! ;) The same thing happened when my sister did my toes for me, they were so cute, purple and shinny, I felt like a million bucks!! So ladies (and gentle men) lets kick our butts into gear this weekend and do something for your NUMBER ONE FAN, YOURSELF! Let I always rant about, if you don't love you, who will..? I know some of you have been fighting that swim suit all summer long, STOP FIGHTING it's hot, put it on and embrace yourself!! Today I want to share 20 ways to make yourself feel good read it, learn it, and just do it!!

1) Be disciplined about something. Don't waiver. Be resolute.

2) Do something good for someone, without seeking a reward and or any kind compensation.

3) Go a whole day without eating junk food. Eat only the stuff that's good for you - like fruits, vegetables, cereals, and low-fat meats.

4) Get some exercise.

5) Refrain from using profanity as long as you can.

6) Read a good book.

7) Volunteer for something.

8) Donate some money to a charity or other good cause.

9) Get eight hours of sleep.

10) Be honest with yourself and others.

11) Be respectful while behind the wheel of your automobile and defer to other drivers.

12) Attend church.

13) Read the Bible.

14) Be willing to allow people to cut in front of you in line at the grocery store and other places without grumbling.

15) Hold your tongue. Don't verbally assault anyone with ugly or insulting remarks.

16) Be tolerant of other people's shortcomings.

17) Go the extra mile. Do more than what is required of you.

18) Don't cut corners. Be diligent and conscientious in your work.

19) Learn a new skill.

20) Do some things you've putting off or neglecting to do for a while.

I hope everyone has a blessed and lovely Saturday, I hope you take time to FEEL GOOD about your self, today and everyday by making some of these things HABIT in your everyday life, NO ONE IS PERFECT,
but it's a good thing to adopt BEING THE BEST YOU, YOU CAN BE!!! About a week ago Aaron and I were talking and he said, "I was looking at some of your photos and came across a picture of you, when we around when we first started dating, it wasn't until I seen the picture that I realized how much weight you've lost, I guess I see you everyday it's harder to recognize it, plus you never talk about it, you never say I've been losing weight or I lost weight.." When Aaron first told me this I was SHOCKED because we have NEVER talked about my weight or looks before, he has ALWAYS told me I'm beautiful, sexy, hot, all those good things and MAINLY that he loves ME, just ME not my body type, weight, or how fast I can run. He just loves me!! I guess that made it easier for me that make my lifestyle change. I've been Vegan since February 17th, 2010 prior to that I was a vegetarian for 3 years. But it wasn't till I became VEGAN that my life changed COMPLETELY, I started working out FIVE days a week sometimes 2 twice a day and taking the train and walking to work and from work which is about 1.6 miles a day walking (.8 miles each way, about a 15 min walk) I started doing these thing NO TO LOSE WEIGHT because like I share with anyone who asks, "I love my body, I'm comfortable in my skin, and I like the way I look" So why change? Simple, I was so out of shape and having a 3 year old doesn't leave room for lazy, tried, un-energizer, and OUT OF SHAPE. I felt I need to get it together and complete my cycle of HEALTHY with exercise, it doesn't make sense for me to be so health and food conscious if there is the EXERCISE involved with my daily life. So I kick my butt in the gym and believe me it was a challenge but after a week OMG! I never felt better, I had so much energy and felt so great; attitude, mood, and all! So that's how my PURSUIT TO TOTAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS evolved! After looking at that photo Aaron was talking about I was so in 'Ahh' for lack of a better term, I guess I too had not realized the transformation... I guess it's easier to stay fouced when your not worried about the number on a scale, I don't weigh myself, AT ALL, so when people ask me "how much have you lost" I'm like uhhh I don't know, I don't weigh myself. They might think I'm super weird but who cares I have my reason and I don't need a number to justify my health!! So I wanted to share this photo with you all and of course a current picture of myself, taken last weekend, same angle for effect lol.

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Anonymous said...

Love this post soo much! Honey you are stunning, you can tell you are so happy and healthy on the inside that you SHINE on the outside!
I totally agree that health and happiness are the most important, you have to love the skin you're in.
Thanks for a much-needed boost! Good luck on your journey to total health and happiness, you are an inspiration to me! xxx

JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

Unfortunately, I do rely on a number to determine whether I'm healthy or not. For instance, I'm a firm believer in/of the BMI (Body Mass Index). Currently, according to BMI, I have considered overweight for my height. I'm 5'4", and I weigh about 160 lbs. My goal is to drop down to about 135. I may even push it to 130. A lot of people tell me I don't need to worry about anything, that I should be happy with the way that I am. A lot of other people tell me that I've gotten bigger over the last semester, that I let myself go, etc, etc. And then, a lot of OTHER people automatically assume that I'm pregnant.

Do you know how much it hurts my feelings when people come up to me saying, "How many months are you?" "What are you having?"

It pisses me off so much, because I'm not even all that big... So yeaa... I'm always complaining about my body, my weight, and my health altogether, so the only way I can stop complaining is to actually do something about it.

A little over a month ago, I said I was gonna start jogging 6 miles a week. That quickly turned to only 4 miles a week... and it only happened for two weeks. After that, I stopped going... FAIL. -_-

Now, that I'm in band camp though, I get all the exercise in the world... And I know once school starts, I'll get even more exercise just walking to and from some classes.

JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

I am* considered -- typo.

AnieLii said...

I love it. You look amazing and can see you live life. : )

adina renee. said...

this is wonderful. <3

love, keys said...

you look amazing lala <3 ad you glow! its beautiful!
i love you and your postive outlook on yourself! NEVER lose that!

Michelle (michabella) said...

YOU GO GIRL! YOU are beautiful! And I love the confidence you have!!!

Love your blog! Thanks for following mine :)


Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

stunning, amazing before and after pic, love you on both, YOU SHINE! and you're beautiful inside and out! love that about you, you're such a wise and inspiring person, and I really admire that.

Kara said...

Oooooh you HAVE lost weight! But you still look beautiful in the first picture...that smile gives all your happiness away :)

Congrats on staying vegan! I couldn't even imagine being vegetarian, so you seem so super brave.

Anonymous said...

how amazing! i love it Lala. you have a wonderful man by your side (:

and you LOOK AMAZING!!!

Jayka! said...

sexy momma

Jayka! said...

you have done such an awesome job taking control of your health and you have been a great inspiration for me :)