Wednesday, August 11, 2010

don't call it a come back

I've got wonderful news for all you good people! Toronto, California is now up and running!! After a little bump in the road we are now in full speed once again, KEYS and I have put together a very nice 9 week update in 9 lovely photos for your viewing pleasure! We are all caught up and from here on out we plan to stay on time and on target with our picture project. If you haven't visited our photo blog PLEASE take a look, comment, and follow if the pictures grab you! GO HERE. ;) Also please stop by my partner in Crime's page, Love-Keys she is an amazing photographer, cook, and person! Her blog is amazing and I know you'll love it, visit here.

Visit Toronto, California now.

3 love notes:

adina renee. said...

lovely photos.

Anonymous said...

amazing shots!!!

Jayka! said...

:) i love your guys pictures