Monday, August 09, 2010

30 before 30

This is me 25, 8/9/10 (less then five yrs to go)

 “I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

So I'm 25 and glad to be alive! I've always believe that age is just a number, isn't doesn't define you, what you know, where you've been or how you are. But one thing is for sure I've been on the earth for 25 years and that's something amazing to me. I've seen and been though a lot in my 25 years but it's only been the past two years that my life has begun to take some great and WONDERFUL turns and changes, I say, "it's only UP from her" so I've decided to make a before I'm 30 list, lots of short term goals to achieve before I met the big 3 - 0 it's different from the bucket list because well I only have 5 years to complete these task and just so I don't go over board we will aim for 30 goals in 5 years, as I achieve these goal I will post about it and at the end of 29 I will see how much I've got done and accomplish! (and can you believe Ex will be 9, OMG) I'm taking this completely serious and so if you are still a reader in five years I hope you can join in celebrating with me 30 before 30 ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!

2. MARRIED (or at least engaged, come one Aaron lol).
3. Make a scrapbook for Exavier.
4. Have another baby! (I'll settle for being pregnant too).
5. Ready to buy a HOME.
6. Air Plane Ride. (yes it's true I've never been on an airplane).
8. Fit into Single digit jeans.
9. Run for a cause.
10. Take a Cruise.
11. TEACHING. (if not at least taking classes to finish & start)
12. A book a month, that's 12 books a year in five years that's 60 books.
13. Hike. (your 1st and some)
14. Find a Church you love and make it a HOME.
15. Host a self-esteem work shop.
16. Meet some more blogger friends. (in person)
17. Get my passport.
18. Travel to; Canada, Italy, Bahamas.
19. Sky Dive.
20. Have a real garden.
21. LA Laker during play offs.
22. Using Prints (my photos) for gifts/postcards.
23. Have more dinner parties.
24. Two piece bathing suit.
25. Take a REAL camping trip.
26. Learn to Jet Ski.
27. Take a Pole Dancing Class.
28. Karaoke Aerosmith's Cryin'.
29. Learn to make (and make) a quilt.
30. COMPLETE and Document this list and put it in an album.

Running long and hard is an ideal antidepressant,
since it's hard to run and feel sorry for yourself
at the same time.
– Monte Davis

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Retromus-ik said...

Good luck with your list! I'm glad this blog will still be around in 5 yrs:) Happy bday!

chelsea rebecca said...

i love this list!!
i really need to sit down and write a list of things!!
good luck with yours!!

Michelle (michabella) said...

I oh so love your list, wish we could do them together!!! I just recently turned 25. Maybe I should do one of these too! <333

adina renee. said...

that list is awesome, good luck with it.

Jenny☮ said...

It makes me happy that my blog makes you happy! :) I can totally say the same to you.

Goal lists make me scared for various reasons such as not fulfilling said goals and making me freak out at the sight of all the things I want to do. It makes me excited to see someone actually do something like this; gives me hope. (lol)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE this lala. definitely have to do this (:

sheiswinterwest said...

Amazing list!! Good luck with this! i have to do this as well :)

Jayka! said...

:) lists make my heart smile