Monday, July 26, 2010

vegan pasta

{{this post is especially for the lovely Leah at Live Your Life}}

I've been ever so lacking in my recipe posting, I usually always take pictures of my food (yes I'm just weird like that lol) but I haven't posted any lately (booo me) Just when I had almost LAMELY forgotten about my vegan YUMMY pasta I got the most encouraging email ever,
Hey, I'm Leah from "Live Your Life ♥;;". I saw your 365 blog on Tumblr and I DESPERATELY want to know what was in the June 30th picture. It was an amazing looking pasta dish. Could I have the recipe? I'm vegetarian, by the way. :]

So that bring me to this post here the easy, simple, yummy, VEGAN Pasta recipe. As many of you may remember I gave up regular pasta, I only eat whole wheat pasta (and of course Japanese rice nobbles) Needless to say pasta has quickly become one of my favorite things to make I love making my sauce from scratch. So here we go,

all you need is:
whole wheat penne
Meatless Ground by Yves (VEGAN)
olive oil
sea salt
onion powder
fresh garlic - finely chopped (lots and lots of garlic lol)

boil your water
while water is boiling cut up your veggies, set aside
add the Penne to boiling water, once soft, drain and return to the pot
drizzle with olive oil, sparkle with salt, onion powder and pepper, mix
put on low flame
add in meatless ground (cook till brown, cooks super fast)
add veggies, garlic, and a tad bit more olive oil (sorry I don't usually measure anything)
I don't really 'COOK' my veggies, they lose all there nutrients and vitamins that way, so I just warm them a little and get them nice a seasoned with the pasta and meatless mixture!
That simple, that easy! It's ever so yummy too! ENJOY!

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JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

That looks delicious! And what is the link to your 365 blog, LaLa? Could you post it on my page in a comment?

Anonymous said...

i am now hungry! that pasta looks delicious!

Leah! said...

Wow, thanks. :]] And omg, that's really simple! I can't wait to try it! :]]

Alexandra said...

I love the "lots and lots of garlic" part. That's a key ingredient in any pasta as well as most other things that I make haha.