Friday, July 30, 2010

today's post is brought to you by the letter V

As most of you already know I'm a vegan! I've been a vegan since Feb 17th, 2010 and before that I was a vegetarian for over 3 years. I love being vegan, I've never felt so good, inside and out!

I truly believe that you have to take care of your self by watching what you put in it. I always wondered by people made such a huge deal about eating dessert when they already just ate 3 pounds of dead animal, what's worst?? Becoming a vegetarian for the first time wasn't easy, NOT because I wanted to eat meat but dealing with the re-actions. I came from a traditional Latin background where just about EVERY meal is prepared with some kind of meat or animal product. At the time of my transition I was living with my older sister and well let's just say I'm the only vegan in the family. So when it came time to eat it was always a battle, at first no one understood, especially my father. But after time they really just respected it and moved on, time to time they make there "grass" jokes but it's so easy to let all that roll off my back now that I've been doing it for so long. I became a vegan for Lent this year (2010) and I liked it so much that I never went back, at first I was SURE I would miss my eggs and cheese in the morning but after a while it was like GROSS keep that away from me, I just continued to feed my mind with FACTS and INFO about animals and what's REALLY in that thing you call 'FOOD' I have news for you, it's not GOOD! So it was easy for me to say, "no thank you" I've never felt better.Sure it's a struggle because being a vegan is NOT CONVENIENT, it takes hard work, commitment, tons of discipline and determination! It's a life style change, you have to be ready and willing for all the changes to make it and stay there once you get there! Everyone I feed myself sometime of new (or old) knowledge that I didn't know before, about animals, the earth, vegan-ism, or maybe just a new cool vegan recipe. Just to keep me going and keep it fresh! Today as I was reading and looking at some youtube videos I realized, "why am I NOT sharing this..",
"I have a blog, that people read, that are not veggies, why am I not putting it out there.." I've never been a carrot pusher as I like to call it, if people ask, I will give them a mouth full but I've never been one to push the info down someone's ears to "convert" them into a vegan. BUT I don't see anything wrong with putting it up on my blog, if you want to read and learn, please by all means if not, just scroll to the next post! This is my blog and this is a HUGE passion of mine and it's time to spread the V word around!! So part of my AUGUST goals is to post a 'Vegan' post (info, fact, fun, photo, recipe, outreach, website, blog..) at least ONCE a WEEK, today is the last day of July and since I will be gone for the next few days I wanted to get started today :) I hope everyone really just reads these post and just listen, learn, and let it sink in. VEGAN IS LOVE!

I love Elle, I think she is such a wonderful person and I admire so much about her after seeing this youtube I was so blown away and was like I love her even more now lol I wanted to share the links to the book (skinny bitch), which I read and love and totally recommend and also the links to the documentaries she was talking about, Earthling and Food Inc. You can watch both for free and I SO recommend that you do, each are about an hour and 30 mins long, take the time to feed your brain and soul!

today's post was brought to you by the letter V

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AnieLii said...

I want to become a vegetarian but cant find a good way to start too, due to the fact that all my family eats meat. Plus we are Mexican,the tacos, the menudo,posole tamales all that stuff.I find it so irritating. I'm contradicting my self here cuz i find it irritating that that's all they it but i eat it too, but i certainly want to stop. You kinda gave me hope : )

Anonymous said...

great post love. i love that shirt!!!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend has forced me down to watch Earthlings before and I couldn't do it. I think I'm just being stubborn though and don't want to face the facts. I really think I am going to watch it now. I have always debated on whether or not to try going vegetarian, and I will try to start slow, cutting out red meat, etc. Hmmmm I will be in touch :)