Friday, July 09, 2010

toast and jam

Day14: Someone you’ve drifted away from

Dear Shaw-Shaw,

First off I would like to thank you for everything you have ever done for me, all your support, advise, love, and true friendship. Just because we are not as close as we once were does not mean that you still don't mean everything to me, you were a huge part of my life at the hardest time in my life. I miss you and all the fun we use to have. Once I moved and life got busy, we drifted further and further apart. I guess it's a part of life, the seasons of friendship but you have to know that you will now and forever be a part of this family, you are my son's god father and although we may not be the best of friends you still and forever will have a special place in my heart, even if you are a burnt piece of toast! :) We've though a lot together and you were always there when I needed you and even when no one cared you did, we took some great road trips, seen so great concerts, shared wonderful amazing food, clubed, drank, fought, been though break-ups and fix ups, damn it you were even in the room when I gave birth! I hate that you don't come around anymore or spend time with Ex, he misses nino, I really want you to get to know Aaron, this is the man I'm going to marry, I finally found him, you would like him, he is so good to me and you are the one to showed me NEVER to settle for less or let anyone treat me less than a princess! Well I found that man, well we found each other and although you already met him I still wish you could get to know him, come see my new home and be around for your god son. We have drifted but it's never to late to start visiting our frienship again. I love you Toasty boy.

your budda belly LaLa

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Anonymous said...

this is too cute! i wish i had that kind of friendship with a guy :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh moushy goushy! I've missed your stupid face too! But all that public display of affection jus gave me the squirts! And I even threw up a lil in my mouth..

All jokes aside I have missed my budha belly and lil man, my family for that matter.. its strange how things can change with time. there came a point in our lives where the road we walked together fork'd.. and it seems we lost sight of eachother. I've travelled alone now for quite some time, and worn through the sould of many worthless shoes, jus to find myself more confused. "Sometimes I am confused by what I think is really obvious, but what I think is really obvious obviously isn't obvious"~micheal stipe. Wish I could climb a mountain and grasp my bearings.. bu atlast.. this land is a vast and barren. A land so desolate I cant even find a river nor creek to quench my thirst from the same redundancy. But I must admite it puts a huge smile on my face to know the roadmy lalaer travelled lead here to green pasture. And oasis of bliss. And any man responsible for brightening her day, and worth walking an isle is worth my attention. So I look forward to getting to better know him. I miss and love both you and x! And were going to make up for lost time.. take it to the bank!

Ps- id leave u my number but I know that u still have(after god knows how many years) a stalker! So I will jus keep in touch! Give x a bear hug till he pops and tell him neno loves him!