Thursday, July 01, 2010

So far from sincere, fabrications in my ear

Day 7 - Letter Challenge (ex-boyfriend)
Dear person who will remain name-less,

I thought about this letter from the very are NOT even worth my words but for the sake of the challenge, here you go. I wasted a good CHUCK of my life waiting on you.. After I had already been though so much in my life, you promised me the world on a GOLD platter and much like my favorite sane, "all that glitters ain't gold. Looking back I realize how stupid and nieve I was, foolish little girl running after a kite you should never catch up too. You are the main reason why I'm fully aware that, people will treat you the way you ALLOW them to they will walk all over you if you allow it. You are the true example of a man wants to have his cake an eat it too. In the end you were the only loser and you knew it, showing up at my job, blowing up my phone at work and home, leaving card on my car... but after getting burned so many times you finally learn to stay away from the fire. I learned that LOVE doesn't hurt and love will never make you wait, on there own SELFISHNESS. The the famous given the right circumstances every man will cheat! I don't hate you, I use to but I've let that goes because you don't deserve that much power. I thank you for treating me like yesterday's garbage because from that I learned my worth and how to love myself and know what I wont deal with, I was so lucky enough to find a REAL man, who only needs and wants one women and that's me. He doesn't make promise he can't keep and he NEVER leaves me waiting nor puts me on hold. I hope you are happy with your decisions and choices. I hope the thought of me STILL lingers in your mind and will forever hunt you, you are NO KIND of man and I hope one day you'll learn to say what you mean and mean what you say. Goodbye once last time.

-the one you'll never forget

3 love notes:

Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

Great post luv. love can make you do crazy things sometimes, good ANS bad...but we learn :) xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

amen. i feel the same way woman. love the new layout :)

love, keys said...

go girl. you tell me.
i'm so happy you have someone like aaron <3 a TRUE man.