Thursday, July 29, 2010

put it in the oven for baby and me

Like I mentioned in Monday's post I cook lunch with my little guy this past weekend and it was amazing!! so much fun! Who doesn't like to have FUN with food, I seen this on Plumpudding and had to try it, (Vegan) Spaghetti dogs of course I made some changes to the recipe, I use Wheat noddles and VEGAN hot dogs :) YUM!!
It's super simple and fun, Exavier LOVED them he had 3 severing!
The best part is I found something else I could do with him that entertains us both, I love cooking and he just loves helping mommy, do anything really, he just loves to help :) All you need you spaghetti and hot dogs of your choice. Cut the hot dogs in pieces (slices) once that done you can have your little one join in by poking the raw spaghetti noddles threw the hot dog circles. Do as many sticks as you like, but be afraid to double them up either, Ex did this because it made it easier for him to push threw the hot dog. While your little on is working on the dogs put the water to boil by the time you both are done with the hot dogs the water should be at a boil, put them in and watch the magic happen, that was Ex's favorite part I think, watching the noddles and dog get fat and wiggly. Once tender to your liking, drain and ready to serve! I thought about making a vegan cheese sauce to pour on top (like Mac n Mock Cheese) but Ex just wanted to eat them plain so I opted out and went with it, but I'm still tempted to make it with the sauce so I think I we will be making about batch of spaghetti-dogs soon! If you don't have kids I'm sure you have little bothers/sisters or nieces and nephews... But you don't NEED a child to make this lol it is a very fun and yummy lunch to have! HAVE FUN!

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Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! It looks so fun to make!

Anonymous said...

How adorable! I love the photos and I wish I was Exavier right now :)

Alexandra said...

Haha that looks so fun!!!! He is just too adorable!!!

<3 A

Ms.A.Bright said...

that is such a good idea..! im going to try it..!

Jayka! said...

that looks so fun to make. so creative :)