Friday, July 16, 2010

happiness rules everything around me

lately when I look around I see so much bad energy, so much self-loathing, and negativity, I just can't stand it! WE ARE WHAT WE PUT OUT! Believe that. I know I've been talking about my Pursuit to total health and wellness put haven't made my official post yet (bad lala) but yesterday I was feeling sick so while I was laying down I was writing like crazy in my note book and came up with some great ideas for you all and myself of course! The first one is I'm changing my pursuit title, The Pursuit to Total Health, Happiness, and Wellness cause really that's what I'm constantly after, Health; a strong heart, animal and cruelty-free lifestyle, balance, energy, PX free, and most importantly XXX straight edge. Happiness; seeking out the good, putting negativity to shame, wearing a smile, passing on GOOD, enjoying life and living in the moments. Wellness; peace within, living with a purpose, making spiritual connections, maintaining a balance I can live with, being active, taking it outdoors, trying new things, setting goals and meeting them, surround myself with positive things and people. These are only a few of the things I'm working toward and although I have already tackled a lot of these things I have to remember to KEEP it UP and stay focused on what's important to me. I challenge you all to join me on my pursuit and make you your own meaning to these words! I want to share this wonderful blog with you all that has quickly become one of my favorite places, Project You is really all about you, please visit and join in, it may be just what you need to get the goodness going on in your life and in your head where it matters most! I took this next list from Project You, Joyful, Joyful...

My life of Joy!
*my family and friends
*good vegan food
*taking pictures
*simplest form of an elle
*the sky
*being a mommy
*being in love
*seeing new things
*inspiring others
*passing on the V word (veggie/vegan)
*sister days
*hosting parties, dinners
*party planning

What Brings you Joy?...

10 love notes:

Anonymous said...

i like the list love :)

Anonymous said...

my little bee brings me joy!

brandi said...

I sooooooo needed to read this. THANK YOU <3

RavynRae said...

An award awaits you on my deserve it! =)

Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

just life, amazing boyfriend, supportive family, and loyal friends <3 among many other things :) great list hun.

Alyssa said...

thankyou lovely, you are the best :)

it really makes my day when i hear that project you makes people smile!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Amazing list. And I have most of those on my list!

Miss.Fortune said...

great thing i have come to learn is you gotta take one goal at a time. my problem is i try to do everything at once and fail them all because i dont put 100% into one goal at a time. i put 25% into all 4 and expect to see results. once you reach one goal that will give you the motivation to strive toward the next. of all ppl i know YOU can do it.

Anonymous said...

Your blog brings me joy :) & boy oh boy have I missed it!

Jess said...

This is so inspiring! My cat baby brings me joy :)