Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Day 9

Somebody I'd Like to Meet

Dear Keys,

my long lost soul mate! You truly are a lit candle in a dark room, every time I see a message from you I instantly smile even before I read it. You are like the little sister I NEVER had, I can't wait till the say we meet and take over the world with our great ideas, art, photos, and web skill. lol I want so much to protect you because you have already been though so much, there are countless time when we are chatting on our gmail where I just want to reach though the screen and hug you, I wish I could fix your heart and make it brand new, for someone so SWEET, kind, giving, unselfish, and loving girl you sure have endeared so much in your short years, it breaks my heart but yet that is what gives us our connection because a lot of stuff you've had to deal with I've also been though and SURVIVED and I know you can and will too. I feel blessed to have met you only cyberly but I know one day our paths will meet and we will cause much chaos to this world lol (in a good way) :) I want you to know that you are a beautiful person, inside and out, though your words, your blog you send a message that needs to be heard by other girls and women, never stop doing it. Stay strong and never compromise WHO you are and what your about, love you first and never regret what you've done or been though, it's made you who are you and that's a great, wonderful person. I know one day you will blow up as a photographer, you are just too amazing not to, don't ever give up on that dream. I can't wait till we finally met! Love you mama!


5 love notes:

jayka :) said...

so sweet! I just started really reading her blog and I am loving her right now.

love, keys said...

aww <3 ( hehe thanks jayka )
i love you lala! its crazy cause i currently have a document opening writing YOU a letter! <3

Anonymous said...

this is so sweet. I'm glad you've become the best of friends :)

Anonymous said...

This was amazing!! I love you both so much & I love to see the relationship you guys have gotten through blogging! :)

sheiswinterwest said...

That was sooooo sweet!!! i love you ladies!!