Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Day 10

I wish we talked more..

Dear High School Gal Pals -

I know we grew up together and I know at one point we were all like glue but I can't even front I've been horrible friend as far as keeping in touch and making it to planned events. We live so far now (not an excuses!) and live totally different life's. It's so sad to see a friendship to was so solid totally break down into almost nothing. I don't think it was anyone's fault but I know when I was the first to have a baby that's when are friendship begin to shift, I just couldn't do the things you guys were doing anymore and that totally put a jink in the chain, after a couple years when the rest of you started having kids it was like too little to late we had already drifted, although we try to keep it as it once was you can see the disconnect. I do miss you guys and all the fun we had. Those memories will stay with me for the rest of my life truly you all were there for me though some very hard times. I guess this is what you call life and the leafs of friends, it's all seasons but please believe me when I say you will forever remain a part of my heart till the end of time. As our kids grow older I can't help but remember the promise we made each other to raise our kids together.. I guess we just can't follow everything we hoped for as young kids but when we do get together on occasion it's like no time has pasted at all, you all are amazing and I'm blessed to have known you for 12+ years and I hope no matter what we will always be a part of each others life.

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jayka :) said...

I totally feel you on this.

love, keys said...

as do it!
and that picture is way too cute!

Anonymous said...

cute picture, and i also feel you on this one!

JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

That picture is just too cute. I wanted to read this post to its entirety, but it's just hurting me too much... Now, that all of my friends and I are going off to different colleges, it hurts me to have to come to the realization that I only have less than a month before I move miles and miles away for good...