Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birthday Wishlist!!

 happy birthday to me happy birthday to me happy birthday dear lala happy birthday to me!! :) It's here, I'm 25! Nice. :) Here is my cute birthday wishlist, don't judge me! heehee

**seriously I want me an Usher Raymond Cd Collection, I had some of his cd's and after REPEATED use have gotten so OLD and worn out I'm after all the albums but I especially want his newest one, Raymond 'Versus' Raymond but I don't think it come out till August.. Pre-order or I-tune store ;) (link here)

**I have yet to get my Ghost on and I still want to, lol, Ghost Whisperer all four seasons, I'm in love with Jennifer Love and her show how lovely it would be to finish my vacation with tons of Ghost Whisperer!!! (link here)

**Speaking of Jennifer Love Hewit, I told you I was obsessed lol I have yet to get her book as well, one of my summer reads and also a must have for my up and coming book shelf! The Day I Shot Cupid! (link here)

**My boo took me "shopping" yesterday haha I laugh because he was trying so hard to get me a gift, I wouldn't let him... I'm so the girl who loves buying other people stuff but is not so good at letting others get me stuff, don't get me wrong because I LOVVVVE presents lol especially on my birthday but I just can't walk into store with him and say ok I want those shoes :) he know I want new workout shoes so partly why I'm making this list is for him and for my other friends and fam who are coming to my party or sending a gift and don't know what to get me.. Back to the shoes all I want is some PINK kick I can work out in, size 8, these will do :D (link here)

**anyone who really knows me know I'm a total movie-holic, movie-junkie, you name it I'm probably seen it and most likely own it! I have a huge movie collect and only want more heehee:) on my list next...

**when all else false gift cards :) my &heart is set on HomeDepot, Target, and IKEA for all the home projects I have on my mind right now. And of course Trader Joes wouldn't hurt :)

Sidenote: I love anything pink, green or yellow! Hello Kitty or from a thrift store, second hand or yard sale, seriously!! Minnie Mouse, owls, VEGAN, crafts, photo frames, hand made cards ♥

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Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

Happy Bday hunny! hope you have a wonderful day! today is YOUR day! enjoy it to the fullest. I'll be thinking of you. :)

シェルビー said...

Happy Birthday!
I hope you have a great day and get everything you want and more! :)

RavynRae said...

H A P P Y ♥ B I R T H D A Y girl!!! I sure hope you get everything on your list!!

Have a good Bday!! =)

How To Be Perfect said...

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! x

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! i love ikea and movies. hope you get everything you want :)

brandi said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you have an awesome day. Enjoy 25, because when 26'll feel OLD! (Well, maybe thats just Enjoy :)

Alexandra said...

Happpy birthday gorgeous! I hope you had a great one! :-)

<33 A

RiekaBaby said...

that Usher album has been out since like march...u should go get it!! Happy belated b-day!!