Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

ain't that a kick in the head -- keeping with my Pursuit to total health and wellness ( I promise I will make that post soon, still working on it) This Wednesday my wishlist is all things health that I'm longing for...  21 days till my bday :)

{TENNIE SHOES} I'm in much need of some new tennie shoes (does anyone even call them that anymore...) haha anyway I would love some support well I'm working out 5 days a week, 5.2 :)

I really want to take up {YOGA} I've been looking for classes that will fit into my life lol it's really costly but hey this is what a wishlist is, WISHES, YOGA sessions PLEASE!

I'm in love with this buzz lightyear backpack, but really I just want a backpack, a cute one! :) With all the walking I do now back and forth my over the shoulder purse just ain't cutting it no more :\ This backpack is by nike! heehee could you imagine me with this hug bag lol so what I like it! ha.

"I'm not getting a sig on my pager" Pager status hahaha JUUUSST KIDDING!! It's a pedometer and I want one (a pink one) it's counts all the steps you take in a day! I want it! :)

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rachel said...

Great wishlist! Have you thought about doing yoga on a dvd? I know it's better to go to class, but maybe just a couple of sessions with an instructor so you know you're getting your form and posture right, and you could carry on at home on your own as a cheaper option?
Good luck on your path to health and wellness, I'm looking forward to your blog about it :) xx

Anonymous said...

that shoe add is so cool!!

chelsea rebecca said...

bahahahah PAGERS! of goodness. actually i really want a pedometer. i love that it keeps track of all your steps. and my tennis shoes have holes in them.. so i guess i share this wish list with you! haha.

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty cool wish-list! I also need new sneakers + I would like to take up yoga. It's really fun!


Leah! said...

My friend and I have been doing Hot Yoga for the past week and it's been amazing. It's a challenge, but so worth it. And it gets easier and easier everyday! If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me. :]]