Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

--already (side-note: time is flying I feel like I was just doing this..) moving forward to, this list I shall share the simple thing I've been wanting :)

++a day of NOTHING, just an entire day when I don't have to do anything, go anywhere, serve anyone. Just relax, read, and breathe ♥
++my car need a GOOD car wash SCRUBBING!
++my bestie Ju has this and I'm always borrowing and photo copying hers, I just want my own, The Food Bible.
++Paint! I dying to paint some colors on my walls at home...
++I'm in much need of a mani/padi (and an eyebrow waxing!! BADLY haha)

3 love notes:

Miss.Fortune said...

oh my.the first picture looks soo peaceful and i must admit..i'm in need to relax, read and breathe.

you are so creative and i absolutely adore your pretty and on point.


agnes said...

tes ongles sont magnifiques..., j'aime beaucoup

Anonymous said...

This is too cute! I also need a mani/pedi too.

I want to paint my walls lavender :)