Thursday, June 24, 2010

the truth shall set you free

I was once again tagged with the 8 question truth teller lol The Lovely Cat of No Wooden Spoons gave me 8 of her questions to answer.... so here goes nothing (please don't hate me) :)

1. If you read/watch the Twilight Saga, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? If you don't read/watch Twilight, why not?
Team 'Please Stop with this Twilight stuff already' *covers head* sorry, I just never seen what gets people going about it, I've never read a book or seen a film of Twilight, I never even thought ANY of my blog post would have the words Twilight in them lol non-the-less I don't judge anyone who does like or love it It's just not my cup of tea, nothing really interest me about it! But I am a Harry Potter Nerd all the way :)

2. If you were a color, what color would you be today?
Y E L L O W ! It's just so happy, bright, and carefree! I love it.

3. The top 2 most populated cities in the US are New York and Los Angeles. If you had to choose to live in one of them, which one would you choose? Why?
LA! I was born and raised in LA and as much as I want to see NYC I wouldn't want to live there (or LA) lol but if I had to choose it would be LA because it's close to all my family and we have history together, plus it's home of the LAKERS and DODGERS and I'm just that kinda girl ;)

4. What is your favorite thing about Summer?
constant SUNSHINE, swimming, cute sundresses and flipflops!

5. How do you drink your coffee? Black? One sugar? Or, if you don't drink coffee, what is your drink of choice?
No coffee here, I'm caffeine free! My poison is usually water, I know how exciting lol but I do LOVE tea, no sugar no milk no honey just TEA in all it's herb glory! :)

6. Are you a dog or cat person, or both? Why? Or, do you prefer a snake?
I'm not a "pet" person, I love all animals just not in my house, I'm definitely a dog person, they are just so cute and so loving, kittens have to much attitude for me, that's what kids are for lol

7. What do you think of mimes? Do they make you laugh, or freak you out?
Now that was just random Cat lol I guess I really never thought about it, that and I've never seen a real mime before lol I think it's freak actually. 

8. Who is your favorite artist? Why?
Favorite Artist, so many meanings... lol I'm going to assume Musical Artist since I LOVE music, but this is such a hard task choosing ONE favorite, ugh! I would have to say Alicia Keys. I mean the women does it all, sings, writes, play the piano, and produces. She is all together amazing and her voice is beyond magical! I love her. I can relate to so many of her tracks and you can seriously FEEL IT when she sings. I own every album and there isn't a song that I don't love, she is by far one of my very favorite artist.

TAG YOUR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

+ chelsea
+ Kimone
+ Jennifer
+ gor(jess)
+ Irene
+ Dacia
+ Hope
and here is YOUR eight questions...

1. Name your Eye Candy, and why he is so sweet? (cute guy you love looking at)

2. Favorite Recipe?

3. Favorite TV show that is now OFF THE AIR.

4. Last movie you seen (old or new) what's your favorite line (quote or part) from it?

5. Favorite time of day and why.

6. Morning or Night person...

7. If you could be BFF with one celeb who would it be and why..

8. If you had to choose to LOSE one your 5 senses which one would it be and why.

\\have FUNN!!! :) please let me know when you've done them so I can read your anwsers!

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{irene} said...


Kara said...

DUDE! Our answers are like THE SAME. It's a fact. We are the same woman in different bodies.

Go Twihaters! :D

Anonymous said...

I am in love w/ this. I also like the color yellow + alicia keys ♥

Great post love!

Green Pickles said...

cute cute cute blog!

Cat said...

Hahaha sorry I made you write about Twilight on your blog! I'm a total Harry Potter nerd too so I still love ya! Loved your answers!
Check out my new blog :)


Anonymous said...

I didn't get a tag!!!!!!! Ok, I will answer it here.

1. Alan. And..........Brian White. And sometimes Jefree Star because he is so different. Don't judge me.

2. Strawberry ice cream chessecake.

3. Mama's Family.

4. "Bride Of Chicky" When Tiff says "Barbie, eat your heart out!"

5. Ummmm....2,That is what time I get off work, LOL.

6. Both.

7. Hmmmmm......Nicki Minaj or B.Scott. They are so fab.

8. Smell. Out of all, I think I could go without it for a while. I would miss it though.

Anonymous said...

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