Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thing I love Thursday

One more day till FRIDAY and the WEEKEND!! whoooohoooooo! Let me start out by saying I am so excited about this weekend, I finally get the meet the The Taylors!!

And I can't lie I feel like a kid before their first day of school, when you can't sleep cause you are so excited, but for me it's I can't work I'm so excited hahaha. My blog bestie, Jayka of HEYJAYKA is having her birthday celebration and Aaron and I are invited so we our packing our tent and heading to Soledad for the weekend! I can not wait to finally meet this beautiful married couple! ♥ Backyard camping here we come!!!

Spreading more good news I finished Skinny Bitch last week! I will love, cherish, and re-read that book forever seriously EVERY person, men too should buy and read, let it become your way of thinking!! The exciting thing about it is passing on the word, I've already got two people to buy and start reading it and I'm sending my copy to ms. Jayka so she can read it! But I've ready started on a new summer read, Put your Crown on by Queen Latifah, y'all seriously this book is AMAZING and I'm so glad I picked to great reads in a row lol I've always love Queen L but reading this, wow, she is an extraordinary person! This book is so motivating to your mind and SOUL, reading every page of this book give me such a great feeling! I can't wait to share this one with Jayka as well. I start reading this book two days ago and I'm half way done, I can't stop reading, it's that good!! Hoping my next read is this good as well!

I have to say these last two weeks I'm been a GYM rat (clapping) I'm super proud of myself, for even stepping into our gym here at my job. But I'm on a mission to HEALTH AND WELLNESS (which I will write another post about :) So let me clear it up I'm not doing this to lost weight, I love my body and I love myself, this is clearly about being able to climb stair and not get winded! I have a son to raise and I NEED to be the best me I can be for him and ME!! Being a Vegan is NOT enough health is NOT one sided!! So I've taken up a Zumba dance class which I'm completely in LOVE with, it's so fun and I break a sweat and time flys, what is better then that!? I feel SO GOOD!

 Lastly I'm so loving this color week!! Thanks CAT this idea was pure genius!! I LOVE IT!!

7 love notes:

JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

*sings "We should change people's definition of love..." I love this song.

That photo collage of you and Aaron is simply beautiful. :] I wanna go to a photobooth and take silly pictures with my boyfriend... And Zumba, I loved that class. It's a lot of movement, and it surely does break a sweat!

love, keys said...

aww :) the bdays gonna be fun!
and zumba is the best! i work at a gymn and i always run and take that class! HAHA

{irene} said...

looove zumba!!!! so so so much fun!

Jayka said...

Dude I am so excited to see you guys this weekend, and to read the book!

Fun Fun Fun :)

Anonymous said...

I love this photo of Jayka + her hubby, too cute! I also loved "skinny bitch" great book and zumba sounds interesting!

rachel said...

SO many good things :) I'm interested to hear about zumba, I've never been but hear it's good...go you on the health kick, you are awesome! xx

Cat said...

I've heard zumba was fun but never took a class. Our gym doesn't have them until like 8:30 at night and that's bedtime for our daughter and with my hubs gone I haven't been able to go. Maybe one day. Glad you're enjoying it and way to go for being a gym rat. Thanks for playing along in color week with me! :)