Monday, June 28, 2010

sisterhood of the traveling yellow peppers

{LETTER CHALLENGE Day 4 — Your Sibling(s)}

Dear Sisters, (DeeDee, Goya, CeCe, and Vita)

Remember when we would sit at the table and have chili eating contest? The things we did to entertain our self's...or dress up like mom and our other relatives and do impressions hahaha..
Words can never express or tell how much you all mean to me, each of you have had a huge impact on my life. Truly without you I would be so lost. Thank you for your continuous support, love, and guidance. Thank you for all the laughs and fun. We may always agree but when it comes down to it we unite and stand together and really that's all that matters. I thank god for each of you everyday, my life wouldn't make sense with you ladies. I hold all our memories close to my heart, the "talent shows" we use to put on in the living room and record, our dance routines, and even the fights about who's turn it is to do the dishes or mop the floor. What I wouldn't give to go back to one of those days where mom would take is skating down the block or let us have a water fight, in the HOUSE! You guys fill my life with so much joy, so my love and happiness for not only me but for Exavier, my son is lucky to have so wonderful and sometimes too GIVING Tias in his life. Each of you have gave me so much in different ways and there will never be a day that I won't need you. Thank you for helping dad raise me and give me all that I needed to live without our mom. I know she is so proud of each of you and is watching her beautiful daughters make it in this crazy world! All I ask of you my sisters is that you keep forever and always creating happiness all around you, never doubt yourself and what you are capable of, remember who your mom is and know WE can do anything we put our minds to, love yourself FIRST and foremost, LIVE a life worth living, SING, have fun, and surround yourself with people who APPRECIATE everything you are, nothing less than amazing! Your happiness is so important to me, follow your dreams and never settle for less. I love you all and I'm so bless to you four beautiful queens for sisters!!

Love always,
your little sister lala

5 love notes:

jayka :) said...

siblings are pretty awesome :)

Cece said...

First let my stop crying! My dela your words baby touched the depths of my soul and are forever engraved in my heart! You will forever and always be our "baby" sister moms last pride and joy! We have all shared so many memories and without eachother I don't know where I would be! Each of you is the lue tht keep the remaining pieces of my heart together! Mom I know is so proud of the strong mother and women u have become!! You four are my reasons for living and have given me three more reasons to smile each day Maia Nyla and exavier!! I love u sister!!

Anonymous said...

too cute, and that photo is adorable!

BBM said...

i see cuteness runs in the family ... xoxo!

love, keys said...

aw love a good family relationship <3