Monday, June 21, 2010

nothing like a birthday

There are many amazing, talented, sweet, kind, and giving people in this world, if you're lucky you'll meet a some, be-friend a few, and get to know a couple. I met Jessica Taylor aka Jayka from blogging, we sharing so many of the same interest, life experiences and most certainly a love from family and LIFE! Saturday Aaron and I drove 6 hours down to Jayka's house to celebrate her birthday. This was also Jayka's and I first meeting. I already knew she was an awesome girl but once she invited me into her home, let me use her blankets, and introduce me to her family, I knew she was one of those falling stars you catch and put in your pocket :) So Happy we met and so excited about building our friendship. Today is Jayka's birthday is please stop over HEY JAYKA and wish her a happy birthday! (

Thank you for a great weekend doll ♥ Enjoy your day!!!

5 love notes:

Anonymous said...

aww Happy Birthday!!! Thats so amazing that you got to spend her birthday with her! I can't wait until I can finally meet you Lala :)

Jayka said...

yay for birthdays! I am so happy you guys came out here. THANK YOU FOREVER!!

Anonymous said...

awe, this is sweet!

sheiswinterwest said...

Happy Birthday Jayka! & i agree with Bri i can't wait to meet both of you wonderful ladies!!

i love you!

chelsea rebecca said...

that is so wonderful!!
and how exciting that you guys met!
you ladies are simply the greatest!!! hooray for blog friends!!!