Wednesday, June 09, 2010

midnight train to georgia

 ok maybe not Georgia but at least to Claremont lol It seem like I'm hitting all my goals this month! I am now taking the train and walking to work AND I'm loving it! After Aaron's crash I gave him my car to get to work and back and because I already talked about and wanted to take the train to work and walk, I got that extra push in the ass to actually do it and get in that exercise I've been needing :) The great thing is that I can read, relax and listen to music, it's heaven SENT! Plus I'm not burning up gas and taking the train is doing my part to help the earth. I'm getting so much reading done and my leg and thighs are already super sore! lol Plus riding the train you hear some pretty interesting conversations... so I was sitting next to four older women (40's) and they all seemed to work together, one of the ladies got to talking about her recent experience with and how she met this guy who quickly became "stalker" he kept asking her personal information (that she wouldn't share) then we would ask her to come see him and he "would romance her". This women said that she had a separate email she used for (Diamond). This asked for her email and she said no that he could just email her threw, "that's why I pay for it" he then gave her his number and email and said he wanted to "know her", (this man didn't even know her last name) yet a few days later she received an email from her on her PERSONAL email account, (her first and last name email), not associated with at all... CREEPY!! Right... her exact words, "I'm not that hard up, I deleted him" lmao I sat there reading my book yet so into these ladies conversation, how funny that no matter what your age, we still have "men issues and stalkers" I LOVE IT hahaha. Needless to say I'm enjoying this NEW, routine and it's so much BETTER then I thought! Plus I'm getting some amazing photos, walking!

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Jayka said...

one of the things i miss most about living in a city area is public transportation. i love train rides. Yay for you getting a little twist in your daily routine.

♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

funny story i love your pictures they remind me of retro stuff!

Anonymous said...

how fun! i love the photos. you are so outgoing. i wish i was like that!