Wednesday, June 02, 2010

In Search of Summer: May 28th

I fell a little behind on posting if you didn't notice lol this week and weekend was so busy but filled with sun and love :) lucky you know me I take my camera everywhere so I captured enough pic to go around! On day 28 of the Search of Summer, here is what really gets me going, FLOWERS!! Sweet colorful roses.... pretty. :)

now anyone who really knows me knows I'm not a "rose person" but OMG these are to die for they made me so happy! They were HUGE and BRIGHT and beautiful! Yay for summer roses and all they bring! And BTW these were taken at my sister's house! :)

4 love notes:

Kara said...

Missed your posts lady! Welcome back :) These roses are gorg!

Emma Jade said...

such pretty flowers!
i love the way you take photos!

Anonymous said...

I'm not into roses either but these are gorgeous! Your sister is lucky to have such nice flowers at her house!! <3

Anonymous said...

i love the yellow flower!