Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Search of Summer: June 9th

{ End of the series and Summer Manifesto }
One thing this project did for me was make me very aware of all the fun me and my family can have on a daily, with spending too much money, and also pay mention to the fact that time is FLYING by. I'm so ready for summer and I can't to share more moments of my family and I enjoying the sunshine! A BIG Thank You to MARY for sharing this project with me and other bloggers, it was such a great and fun thing to do!
{ Summer Manifesto 2010 }

+take a trip to the beach
+night swimming
+buy an outside dinning set
+have dinner outside
+slip and slide
+sleep outdoors
+movies on the lawn
+bond fire
+fire works
+Dodger game
+outside crafts
+plants more herbs
+have a water balloon fight
+spend the entire after in the sun
+water park
+make fresh lemonade
+cook outdoors
+read, read, read - complete summer reading list
+bike ride
+picnic in the park

4 love notes:

rachel said...

Sounds like a great plan! Summer is going to be great, I'm so glad it's here at last! xxx

sheiswinterwest said...

i love the list of things to do this summer!!

ps: your blog looks amazing can you hook mines up when have some free time because i'm not good with layout at all.. lol smh. i want something simple but cute.. anywho i love you boo!! & LA about to win tonight =)

Emma Jade said...

oh night swimming and water fights! Summer is all about the water :D

Anonymous said...

I also made a list of all the places i want to take the little one this summer. great list. i love the photos!