Thursday, June 17, 2010

I can't hear you Boston?

"If you liked it, you should of put a ring on it...oh wait we JUST DID!!"
--current FB status.

LA takes the whole damn cake, 83-79 in Game 7, that's 2 in a ROW!!! Parade here we come....
( last year's parade )

WE LOVE LA!!!!!!!!!

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Alexandra said...

I don't actually follow basketball, or really any sport for that matter (I was getting REALLY confused when I would go out to the bars and basketball would be on TV, I guess I thought that ended months ago when March Madness for college was over hahaha) but I guessed the Lakers won from all the "Hate" statuses about Kobe on Facebook. I'm also guessing that half of those people never even watched a game during regular season though, so I'm not really concerned with their whining.

Have fun at the parade! That sounds like so much fun!

Jayka said...

parades are awesome to bad we will never have one in the bay for our warriors... OH WELL, lol, have fun :)

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty in the picture!

AnieLii said...

Yay, Lakers bby : )
you know was up girl.