Thursday, June 24, 2010

an Elephant Never forgets

It's no secret to my faithful readers that I'm an animal lover, tree huger, vegan! The more I read and learn the more I change the way I think, eat, live, and interact with the world. I try my best to live in a way that show much respect to this earth and everything that LIVES on it, human or not. It makes me so sad to think of all the cruelty that exist in this world and so many of us buy (literally) into it on a daily bases. smh. Today is 'Remember an Elephant' Day!
"You read right—June 24 is "Remember an Elephant" Day! How are you gonna do that, you ask? It's simple—tie a string around your finger (you know, to remind you to do something).

What's up with all this string talk? We just launched our new summer campaign, "Elephants Never Forget," and we need YOU to remember that elephants used in circuses are beaten with sharp bullhooks, electro-shocked, whipped, and chained for up to 100 hours at a time in order to force them to perform tricks that are confusing and unnatural to them.

Elephants don't naturally stand on their heads, and in the circus, they're denied everything that is normal and natural to them. Animals used in circuses are trained through the use of violence, domination, and fear—and they need YOUR help!

On June 24, tie a string around your finger and wear it all day. People will likely ask you what the string is all about, so remind your friends, family, and coworkers that every single ticket purchased for a circus that uses animals funds cruelty. "
-get more info and JOIN FACEBOOK GROUP HERE

Something so simple to raise awareness, if it's in your heart join in, Karma can be a blessing sometimes, when you live right and righteous that too can come back in your favor! I teach my son these things so when he asks to go to certain things he know why we can't, he LOVE animals and he wouldn't want to go somewhere where they are NOT treated nicely and loved. so GIRL PUT YOUR RIBBONS ON! ;)

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JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

Nooo, not the ephalants. :[

smile :) said...

I swear Anthony and I had this conversation a few weeks ago when the circus was in town. It is terrible what they do to their animals, there is also a sit I went to to sign a petition to ban Circus' and Rodeos in Santa Cruz County. I know they will never ban rodeos here because we hold on of the biggest ones in the state, but we got to start somewhere. I will look for the site and pass it along if I find it again!

Thanks for being so freakn awesome and sharing this stuff with us. I will definitely find a ribbon to tie around my finger today!

Anonymous said...

You are SO my soul mate best friend but in a different state. Everything you do is so... Amazing!!!

I love that ribbon!