Monday, June 21, 2010

Color Week: Rainbow

{ Day 5 of Color Week! Saturday - RAINBOW. }
"the world is a rainbow, with all different colors..."

Anyone else remember the song? Sadly the last day of color week but on the flip side this had to be my favorite day of color week! :) It was so fun capturing all the different colors around me, lucky on Saturday I was on a mini road trip to Jayka's so I find tons of color in her home!
yes my weekend was full of color!! How about yours?

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Cat said...

Wow, love the colorful posts, great pics! Thanks for playing along in Color Week! I had so much fun, I hope you did too! I don't remember if you posted a comment in my rainbow post but be sure to do that to be entered in the giveaway for completing the whole week!


Lexy said...

I love COLOR too! Just makes me smile. :) You are too cute and I LOVE your blog. The design is whimsy-amazing. Reading it makes me smile.

Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista

AnieLii said...

You are such an amazing photographer.

Anonymous said...

i love this project. too cute! i am definitely doing it!

Iva said...

so cute!!!!

rachel said...

So pretty! I've loved all your colour shots lala :) hope you had a great weekend xx