Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Color Week: Green

{ Day 3 of Color Week! Wednesday - G R E E N. }
"it's tough being green.."

Green is my favorite color, all shades, for many different reason! Needless to say this day was the funniest to shoot for me, green is all around us (if we are lucky) I starting taking photos Early in the morning on my walk to work. It was amazing, staring at all the green all around me and it so reminded me of March 365 :) Lost of trees, plants, signs, bikes, bubble guns, spinach, and more!!
--now that's green with envy.. haha, see you tomorrow for "Blue Moon" Thanks CAT I'm having so much fun!!!

6 love notes:

agnes said...

elles sont très jolies ces photos, j'aime aussi le vert.

Cat said...

:) I'm loving Color Week! I love seeing all the awesome pics that everyone is posting! I loved all the green you found. You seem to have found LOTS! I love the graffiti one and the slippers hehe!


chelsea rebecca said...

color week is too fun!!!
that green house is AWESOME!
and how cute are those socks??? i love it!

Kara said...

I am loving these! I can't get my stuff together enough to do my own color week, but yours have been amazing. You're a great photographer!!

P.s. How cute are those SOCKS?!

Anonymous said...

It's my favorite color too! I love the photo of the house !

Emma Jade said...

the socks are just fantastic! I love green too!