Monday, June 28, 2010

bare with me

Life is super busy right now (a great thing) lots of things going on, including a MAJOR work load at WORK, my blog will have to be limited for a while (booooooo) But I will try my best to do my regular post, I have so many pictures and adventures to share with all of you and I haven't forgotten about 'total health and wellness' post it's coming soon I promise! It's like time is flying and every time I turn around days have passed! :P I am however so EXCITED about the month of July, it's going to be ever so fun! So please bare with me, I'm also trying to catch up with all of your guys blogs, I hate getting behind in reading and commenting, I love reading your guys blogs and getting to know you all so again please bare with me I'll get it together lol. Lots of fun post coming! I'll start by sharing a week of 365!






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3 love notes:

jayka :) said...

i wanna watch karate kid!

Anonymous said...

pretty cool. love the photo of the elephant ring!

Emma Jade said...

i love the calendar pic :)