Monday, June 28, 2010

10 things I learned this weekend

1. life is for CELEBRATING!!
2. you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped.
3. life without you would be meaningless.
4. my passion for creating has tripled! (is that possible)
5. I love watching him sleep while I drive ♥
6. Faithfulness is everything, in all types of relationships, including sisterhood!
7. I rather be Reading!
8. I love spreading the word, the V word, yes VEGAN!
9. Some targets have markets inside, sweet jesus, where have you been all my life!!!
10. JUNE is OVER I can't believe it, where is the time weird.

++weekend 365 :) you know you want it!

dinner for two, Aaron and I went on a date Saturday night :) dinner and dancing!!
Sunday my sister hosted a graduation party for her step-daughter, she is going to high school, it was so much fun, I made these announcements for her! My sister did a wonderful job at celebrating the small things that are actually huge things in this thing called life, it was lots of fun!

5 love notes:

Monique said...

I love #9 too! And that salad looks so yummy!!

chelsea rebecca said...

dinner and dancing??
how wonderful!
that food looks so yummy!!
oh and i made the pasta dish AGAIN!

Lacey said...

I love #1 the best! :-)

jayka :) said...

i just wanted to tell you how amazed i am at how full i get eating veggies and beans. thank you for changing my life.

Anonymous said...

amazing list love! how wonderful it is to be in love :)