Monday, June 21, 2010

10 Things I learned this Weekend

a. no matter what city you go to, most Californians CAN NOT DRIVE!
b. Soledad is so much further then I thought lol but so worth the drive!
c. Bikers go Hard and STEAL your gas!! smh
d. in addition to #3 (c) NEVER leave car unattended when you've put money on a pump!
e. Sleeping outdoors is NOT as bad as I thought.
f. Road Trips bring us so much closer.
g. Making videos is as much fun as taking photos!
h. There is no time like the Present!
i. Seeing a LIVE SWAT and crime scene team (in action) is nothing like Criminal Minds or CSI. :\
j. People will tell you who they are, you just have to listen.



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7 love notes:

Jayka said...

yikes! my face is silly... I LOVE THESE :)

Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

Haha, what?!?! bikers stole your gas!? crazy. :P

Anonymous said...

awe! you met Jayka! how cute. love the photos.

JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

Californians can't drive? That is so not a surprise to me... And what? Bikers steal gas?

Elle Sees said...

i've always wanted to see Soledad.

chelsea rebecca said...

oh goodness i love road trips so much!! and making videos is FUN! you should definitely post the videos you made!!

sheiswinterwest said...

road trips are thee best!